Customized PlayStation 5 Faceplates Being Sold By Third Party Company

Every time a new kind of gadget releases in the market, people find a way to personalize their look. Some gaming enthusiasts may be happy just putting stickers to their new PlayStation 5 once they get it for themselves in November, but others may want their next-gen console in another color other than the usual white. Luckily, third-party companies are already doing everything they can to provide a solution.

Online seller PlateStation 5, which is in no way associated with PlayStation or Sony, was established because of a simple goal to have the PlayStation 5 in a matte black – the color worn by the past four versions of the system.

In addition to matte black, PlateStation 5 will also offer other colors such as chromatic, green camo, indigo blue, and cherry red. All color customized plates are now available for preorder and will be ready for shipping as soon as possible so it can arrive at the doorsteps of customers in the last week of November.

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The faceplates are being sold at $40 each and the company is willing to ship the product anywhere in the world. The shipping policy of PlateStation 5 states that customers can expect the faceplates to arrive 5 days after they have shipped it. However, if unexpected situations cause delays in shipments, the company is willing to offer a full refund if the faceplate doesn’t arrive after an additional two weeks.

Sadly, the seller is currently not offering any kind of customization for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers, so users who are desperate for having all of their PlayStation 5 and its accessories in green camo or cherry red will have to come up with their own solution to fully personalize their system. Luckily, there are other retailers who are already selling personalized PlayStation 5 controllers, some of which can match the faceplates being sold by PlateStation 5.

Customers who preorder the faceplates might want to first get familiar with how to put together a PlayStation 5 since possible damage acquired while extracting the default faceplate will void the warranty given by Sony.


However, according to the Vice President of the Mechanical Design Department’s Hardware Design Division’s Yasuhiro Ootori, the face and backplates can be safely removed by the owner by lifting the back corner and sliding upward.

It is worth noting that these products are not officially licensed PlayStation 5 accessories, but they are still fully compatible with the next-gen console. PlateStation 5 states that they are 100% dedicated to ensuring their customers are satisfied and every plate sold will be hand-checked before it is shipped.

Customers who are not totally satisfied with their customized PlayStation 5 faceplates will have up to ten days from the arrival date to request a full refund from PlateStation 5 via email.

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