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The International 2016 is Now The Largest Ever Esports Prize DOTA 2
Gorgon the Wonder Cow - 6h ago
The International 2016 has just passed the crowd-funded point of no return, surpassing last year's $18.4 million in prizes.
Changes to Ana and McCree in Latest Overwatch Patch Overwatch
Gregory Ibañez - 7h ago
Buffs and balances. No outright nerfs in this one.
Circa Esports Signs TuboWare as FGC Director Street Fighter
Chris Bahn - 7h ago
The ranks continue to expand and now the latest esports organization has a passionate leader to guide them.
Oh, Stop It. Esports Isn't on the Decline Esports
Chris Bahn - 7h ago
Unless my optics are blurry, all I see lately is sweeping signs of opportunity and growth.
Microsoft's UWP is Bad News for Steam, and You Esports
Gregory Ibañez - 8h ago
Short answer; yes. Very much so.
The NX May Help Simplify Smash Events Super Smash Bros
James "Obscurica" Chen - 8h ago
Its all-in-one design simplifies a lot of issues.
Five Things We Want From the NX Esports
Dustin Steiner - 8h ago
With all of the rumors swirling, here's five things we really want the NX to have.
H2k Freeze’s Career Frozen for Foreseeable Future League of Legends
James "Obscurica" Chen - 8h ago
Recovery expected to be slow.
Countdown to Mayhem: Juri Officially Drops Tonight Street Fighter
Chris Bahn - 9h ago
The clock is ticking as fans eagerly await the latest DLC character set to debut later this evening.
Streamer Summit1g Swatted During Livestream Pokemon GO
Gregory Ibañez - 9h ago
These aren't a new thing, but definitely a first in public.