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Admittedly, not all homeowners would invest in and do remodeling for their kitchens. They say it is a luxury. But we say it is a necessity. Kitchen remodeling will boost your home’s value. So, say, for example, you need to resell your home. You can sell it at a much higher price.

In this guide, we will talk about 10 of the best and most game-changing kitchen modeling ideas. If you are searching for “kitchen remodelers near me Philadelphia PA,” you can find several choices because there are many of them in the industry. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

1. Use Bold Designs For The Kitchen Cabinet

Indirectly, cabinets actually make a statement in the kitchen. For them, you can use the simplest wood cabinets or make your kitchen space appear bigger with white-colored cabinets. However, the more important thing is for the design to reflect your personal style.

For instance, you can choose from a wide range of bold cabinetry designs laden with Mediterranean patterns for that contemporary kitchen. Or you can go for sleek designs with glass or laminate doors to exude modernity.

Or, if you love art, you can also use decorated or textured glass panels with sophisticated designs. These suggest comfort and serenity.

2. Add A Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island makes a huge difference in your kitchen. Yes, countertops and slabs are helpful, but adding a kitchen island will help create more space.

Your kitchen can overlook your dining area or living room so you can cook for your family, friends, and guests while you still become part of their chats and conversation.

With a kitchen island, you are able to create more space for your kitchen items. You can even use it as a workstation with open side shelves to hold your kitchen tools.

3. Use Uncommon Shelving And Storage Spaces

Open shelves and dull storage spaces are already passé. Nowadays, it is all about elevating the functionality of your kitchen.

If you have a large kitchen, you can also install hanging storage facilities for much easier access. This also works well in smaller kitchens since hanging facilities create more space.

These hanging open shelves will provide the much-needed spaces for storage without overloading your countertops, for instance.

4. Add A Tile Backsplash

The backsplash is an indispensable part of your kitchen. These protect your beautiful kitchen from getting destroyed by sputters and splatters, which are inevitable when cooking.

Your tile backsplash must be strategically located to also prevent imminent moisture and grime from ruining your kitchen.

You can pre-install these structures, or use wax or laminate to protect your kitchen’s walls, with the backsplash keeping your kitchen clean and shiny.

5. Install Appliances Made Of Stainless Steel

Today, most appliances are already made of stainless steel, so they stay durable, strong, and hygienic.

Appliances made of stainless steel are sleek and hardy. Aside from withstanding extreme heat and cold temperatures, appliances of this kind are also easier to clean. Perfect for individuals constantly on the go.

With stainless steel appliances, a quick wipe is sufficient to remove stains and residues, leaving your kitchen spotless. Plus, they also add a modern touch to your kitchen.

6. Add The Touch Of Metallic Structures

Metallic hardware are known to exude flair into your kitchen design. Metallic structures fit into everything, whether for a modern or rustic-themed kitchen.

Sure, that marble or granite sink looks appealing, but a metallic sink will merge with your other appliances with ease. You may also easily add a stainless steel faucet to add more aesthetic value to your new kitchen.

Your kitchen sink suffers from the worst of the worst, and the answer to this is the stainless steel material. It will not rust quickly, and stains will come off easily, leaving your entire kitchen clean.

Installing metallic hardware will also invite more buyers if you are selling your home since they will know their tasks will be minimized with this.

7. Utilize High-Quality Materials For Countertops

Many homeowners would skip paying attention to the quality of materials used in countertops because they like to save more money. However, this is a wrong notion.

Those countertops are where the most rigorous activities in the kitchen happen. Thus, they must be made of high-quality materials to last a long time.

Marble and granite countertops are cheap but prone to infestation because of the porosity and visible cracks.

Do you know what the best choice is? Quartz countertops. They are tough, and their hardy exterior makes it impossible for germs to grow, therefore keeping your kitchen clean all the time.

8. Add Statement Décor Pieces

Kitchen décor is seen as expensive, so many property owners skip this. But in fact, they are also a necessity. For one, you can liven up your kitchen with fixtures and lighting.

Or, you can further create a statement by installing tall bar tools around your kitchen island. Convert that space into a mini-bar, adding a blender and some jars containing assorted ingredients, such as preserved goods.

Perhaps you may want to add pendant lights for mood lighting during date nights or some neon lights for party time?

These décor pieces may seem a luxury, but they are bound to add an aesthetic appeal so your kitchen will look glamorous and keep on par with the rest of the other décors in your home.

9. Find A Place For Everything

Redefine your kitchen’s functionality. Everything in this space must have a purpose.

For instance, widely choose your upper cabinets because these will hold the necessities like plates, bowls, and everything else you instantly need.

For the lower cabinets, you can choose pull-out or open shelves. These types are perfect for storing unbreakable things.

Also, put your cooktop in a strategic place. Ideally, it must be close to your dishwasher and at a proper distance from the sink. This way, you can make a place for your other appliances and access them easily.

Following these tips, you can keep your kitchen uncluttered and aesthetically pleasing. These also help when you are cooking in a hurry.

10. Be Brave To Add Personal Touches

You own your kitchen, so it is just right that you add your personal touch to it. Yes, an interior designer or kitchen remodeler will help you out, but you can still add some personal touches so you can make the space more yours.

You can ask your remodeler to install woodwork or furniture you personally designed. Or, you can get furnishings from IKEA and paint them up with your very own customized designs. Or, simply, you can hang photo frames with photos of your family in the kitchen.

These personal touches will add your own character to your kitchen, and your guests will appreciate seeing them.

Keep these ideas in mind, and you are on your way to creating a kitchen space that is beautiful and useful.

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