Keeping the family entertained has never been easier. Martim Nabeiro has put together a list of online gems that will keep you looking forward to game night.


So many people have faced massive lifestyle changes in the past months. People have battled to find fun ways to spend time with their families. This selection of online games makes it possible to enjoy each others’ company and have fun.

Playing online games with your family isn’t always possible. Try a casino online when you are looking for something else to do.

Games to Exercise the Brain

A problem many parents face is keeping children entertained and learning essential skills. Here are some suggestions for fun family games online to keep your brains exercised.


This classic has shifted into the digital sphere. The app is free, and the game is one that can keep you focused for hours.


The app isn’t free, but the investment is worthwhile. Join the multiplayer setting and build virtual worlds with your family. It’s an all-ages game that may turn your kids into engineers.

Words with Friends 2

This game is a great exercise for your brain. You can choose to play in different modes, including one-on-one and duel. It’s perfect for staying in touch with family and for building your vocabulary.


Trivia games are perfect ways to ensure your brain keeps ticking over. QuizUp has hundreds of topics, including cooking, geography, and quotes. You can play strangers or connect with family or friends.


This fun, multi-level puzzle app lets you create an aquarium. Players must match shapes, win challenges, and achieve a variety of tasks. You can play against friends and family. The app is free for download.

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game

You may remember Cluedo, a classic board game. This is the online version. Solve a murder by yourself or with others. There are several themes available. There are also brain teasers and escalating levels of difficulty.


Love it or hate it, Monopoly is a game almost everyone is familiar with. Whether you win because of strategy or luck, the game is one that teaches valuable skills you can use in life.



Keeping your family entertained is easy, provided you’ve done your research. To help you out, here are some games worth considering.

Heads Up

The good reviews for this game don’t stop. It provides hours of fun for you and your family or friends. It comes with various categories, including naming celebrities, animals, movies, and more. You can record your games to share on social media or for yourself. Family multiplayer games can disappoint, but this is one of the best.


If you’ve got young kids, this is a great option. Together you can build farms and magical kingdoms. The aim is to reverse a curse. It’s cute and fun.


Released in 2017, Fortnite is now a firm favorite. It’s free to play on several platforms and is family-friendly. There are loads of challenges to overcome apart from winning. It is worth noting that guns are part of the game.


It’s not quite the same as playing a round of golf, but it’s fun. Play a game of mini-golf by yourself or with up to six people. The app is free on the App Store and Google Play.

Settlers of Catan

This is another game that has its roots as a board game. It’s a strategy game where you build roads and accumulate resources. You also get to rob other players on your way to victory.


Lockdown doesn’t need to be boring. There’s an increasing number of fantastic games to suit your mood. Virtual family games online will make you forget you were ever bored.

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