Driving safely on roads requires more control over your driving skills and the best decision-making at the correct time in today’s world. Mainly, hostile weather conditions like fog or snow can test your driving skills and preventive methods. Driving your car when there’s fog is nothing better than driving while putting on a blindfold. As the visibility turns nearly zero, you cannot help but panic. However, there are some simple safety tips that you can follow to reach your destination in fog while keeping hazards at bay. So let’s learn the ten safety tips to drive your automobile in fog and understand why you should try fog lamps at https://boodmo.com/catalog/3687-fog_lamp/

1. Drive-In a Safe Speed

You might think of getting over the fog quickly by driving fast. However, it will become hazardous. Fog causes objects in front of you to appear much later. You can suddenly discover a car before you, but it might be too late to speed down. So, it’s best to maintain a safe speed if you come across fog in your path. You will get tired because of the slow driving. But you will cross the road safely.

2. Invest in Good Fog Lamps

If you need to drive frequently in a foggy atmosphere, you must invest in fog lamps for your car. Even if it’s daytime and you think it is unnecessary to keep your fog lamps on, you must do it devotedly. Keeping your fog lights on will make you see better. It will also make the automobile in front of you recognize your presence. If you think your headlights and high beam will do the job, kindly understand that the design is not to counteract foggy situations.

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3. Move Away From the Street

You might think that you better go on in the foggy atmosphere. But sometimes, pulling off and waiting until the driving situation becomes less adverse is safer. If you suddenly face fog over the road, do not risk your life and keep driving. Instead, pull off your car and wait for the fog to lift. According to various surveys, fog is the most underrated driving hazard which endangers several lives. You want to avoid risking your well-being, no matter how important it is to reach your destination.

4. Leave a Safe Distance

Driving in fog can cause you much harm if you do not have a safe distance from other cars. Maintaining a reasonable distance between your car and other automobiles will make your journey safer. As fog disrupts the view, most of the time, there needs to be more distance between two cars. Even if the fog is not blocking your view, you should drive at a reduced speed and keep much distance from other automobiles. Turn on the brake lights to show your presence to other drivers behind you.

5. Bring Down Possible Distractions

We all enjoy a great ride with music. However, listening to music or conversing while driving in fog is not beneficial. So, another safety tip for driving safely in fog is to reduce all possible distractions. You need to bring all your concentration on driving only. Please switch off the music, and do not converse with other passengers. You should not use your phone also. If you get a call suddenly or need to call someone, pull over your car and do the needful.

6. Use Defrosters and Windshield Wipers

The worst part of driving in fog is not the fog itself but the moisture it leaves on your windshield. This moisture build-up will lower your visibility further as it creates glare. So, use your windshield wipers and defrosters whenever you witness fog on the road.

7. Turn off High Beam

If you think turning on a high beam will help the drivers in front of you recognize your presence, you will need something else. High beams are there for highways where you need to see most of the road in front of you. However, a high beam creates glare in fog. So, it will naturally decrease visibility. Kindly choose from the wide-ranging fog lamps at Boodmo to drive safely without any worries. You can also shop for any auto parts for your automotive car in Boodmo.

8. Never Stop on Road

When driving in fog, you must resist the desire to turn your car off on the road. As mentioned, pulling over in massive fog is one of the wisest decisions. However, stopping on the street is perilous. Find a safe place away from traffic to pull over your vehicle.

9. Refrain from Changing Lanes Frequently

The fog might disrupt you from seeing what’s in front of you. So, if you have no options other than driving in fog, make sure to change lanes only if it’s necessary. Going to different passes and streets is quite dangerous during fog because you can’t see if there’s a truck, pothole, or anything.

10. Always Keep your Phone Charged

While you must refrain from running your smartphone while driving, you should ensure enough charge on your phone, especially if you have to cover a longer distance during fog. A fully charged mobile phone is nothing less than a blessing in emergencies.

Wrapping Up

Driving in a foggy situation is undoubtedly tricky, but try not to panic and make wrong decisions. Follow the safety tips mentioned above to keep every kind of hazard away from you.

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