10 Worst Games of 2020 Based On MetaCritic

With only a few days left in the notorious year, many have known as 2020, the team at MetaCritic has gathered the 10 most worst-rated games from across the web. Year-ender lists are one of the several holiday traditions that 2020 can’t delay or push back, so it’s almost encouraging to see them begin to appear from sites across the internet. While many anticipate providing their Game of the Year votes to outright hits such as The Last of Us Part 2 and Hades, someone has to focus on the under the end of the spectrum.

Failures in the gaming industry aren’t always as intriguing as bad TV series or bad films, so they are usually forgotten just as quickly as they appear. This also means that they sometimes vanish from the critical eye, dodging the skeptical dishonors of the worst-rated lists of MetaCritic because of their vagueness. This year, many might forget the story of Crucible, a game with really poor reception that its publisher, Amazon, took it back into beta testing after the game’s launch before completely canceling it.

There was also Slide Stars, a simple arcade game starring Tiktok stars that cost $40 during its release. Of course, no one could forget Cooking Mama: Cookstar, an entry in the long-running franchise on the Nintendo Switch that was sold through a third-party site for a period of time due to the game’s shareholders that didn’t want it to see the light of day.

Those titles escaped the eye of MetaCritic’s worst-rated games list but there are always several subpar experiences to make up the list. At the bottom of the list at #10 is The Elder Scrolls: Blades, a mobile adaptation of developer Bethesda’s open-world RPG that failed to impress on the Nintendo Switch. A few spots up on the list is Remothered: Broken Porcelain, which Cody Peterson of Screen Rant called “tough to recommend to even the biggest fans of the series” in his review published earlier this year.

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Up two spots from Remothered is Fast and Furious: Crossroads, a perplexing bad adaptation of the popular movie franchise from the creators of Project Cars. Even the cameo of Vin Diesel once again looking after his car-based family couldn’t save the game, and one hopes that Ark 2 does better work with the actor’s presence.

The top two spot belong to this year’s remake of Ubisoft’s XIII, which concluded by stripping everything distinct out of the FPS and replaced it with bugs and faulty gameplay. Finally, the infamous honor of the worst game on MetaCritic’s list goes to Tiny Racer, a budget Nintendo Switch game that achieved a jaw-dropping 29 MetaCritic score because of its disappointing gameplay. For completionists out there, the full list of the worst games of 2020 is:

  • Tiny Racer (Switch)
  • XIII Remake (Xbox One)
  • Dawn of Fear (PS4)
  • Fast & Furious Crossroads (PC)
  • Arc of Alchemist (Switch)
  • Remothered: Broken Porcelain (PC)
  • Tamarin (PS4)
  • Street Power Soccer (PS4)
  • Gleamlight (Switch)
  • The Elder Scrolls: Blades (Switch)
Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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