Some people play video games for the sake of winning, some play them for the sake of fun, and there are others who play because they are aroused by the hot characters in the video game. When we speak of “hot,” we literally mean sexy. 

23 Hottest Video Game Characters

So here are the hottest video game characters today—twenty-three of them. 

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Among the hottest video game characters known to gamers is Lara Croft. She is perhaps the first-ever female video game protagonist to really show some authority in a gaming scene full of males. She is sexy enough to do that. 

However, fans have voiced their concerns over the new Lara Croft we get to see now, apparently not Angelina enough. 

And the latest Tomb Raider did garner mixed reviews. But it is still worth playing with the new avatar of Lara. She will forever be in our hearts. 

Actually, in some lists, Lara Croft is number two. The hottest video game character? Apparently, it is Bayonetta. But it depends on your judgment. For now, let us continue with our list. 

Miranda Lawson – Mass Effect

She is among the sexiest video game characters ever created and the guiding character in the Mass Effect game since it first launched in 2007. 

Unlike other sexy females here, Miranda is fit and fathomable, if you know what we mean. And if that perfectly fit bio-suit fails to leave anything to your imagination, wait until you see what is underneath it. 

You can get all of her and the Mass Effect trilogy at the same time now that there is the Legendary Edition on the market. 

Tifa Lockhart – Final Fantasy VII

There will always be women who are just too angelic to get on with, such as Tifa Lockhart in Final Fantasy VII. You must be envious of how Cloud must have felt all through the game.

She plays a central role in the game, side-kicking Cloud in a wide array of missions and initiating some much-needed heat in their relationship, which does not come around to anything, though, yet. But we love her fit and fair in the remake. 

Samus Aran – Metroid and Metroid Prime

Samus Aran lying around somewhere in a cryo chamber is Baywatch meets space suits as she does in the video. 

She is not your average woman, though, as she does have hybrid genetics grating her superpowers. But that does not stop her from being sexy, though. She is definitely among the hottest girls in the video game world today. 

Jill Valentine – Resident Evil

Who would forget about Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine? She is touted as the game’s beating heart and one of the most badass female video game characters. She has been hacking down zombies since the game started in 1996. Now that adds up to the hotness.

Juliet Starling – Lollipop Chainsaw

The look and aura of Juliet Starling remind us of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. Blonde-colored hair and everything in between. Lollipop Chainsaw may not be a game you have played or a highly recommended one. It is hard to transition from the intro to killing zombies with a chainsaw. And she knows magic too. 

Triss Merigold – The Witcher 3

You will quickly fall in love with her. Triss Merigold is perhaps the most beautiful redhead ever to be imagined as a video game character. She is ravishingly fit, virtuous, and a sorceress in her own rights. 

She has a deep role in the fortunes of Geralt throughout the game, cares for Ciri, and provides backup. She is the sexy bestie of Geralt. 

Poison – Street Fighter

She is the hottest thing in the Street Fighter game. And a few would disagree – one of the most badass female video game characters yet. 

She becomes a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken and is at her sexiest best in Street Fighter V. 

Catherine – Catherine

You may wonder why Catherine is so high on our list. For one, we have a PYT as a beddable female instead of demons and arcade fighting queens. Of course, we are referring to the blonde Catherine in the game. 

So just so you know, there are two Catherines in Catherine, her self-titled game. 

Rayne – BloodRayne

To let you imagine who she is, Rayne is that old-school hottie who has gone pro. At least, this is what she looks like in BloodRayne 2002. Few remember the precursor to the popular Resident Evil series, but everybody remembers Rayne. 

There was a movie too, take note, but this lady vampire came back as the sexiest video game character in the new BloodRayne: Terminal Cut, helped out by the latest gaming graphics. 

Isabella “Ivy” Valentine – Soulcalibur

Ivy is a hot girl’s name if you remember the Batman comics. Isabella Valentine, commonly called Ivy, is one of the sexiest and hottest female game characters you can play with today, a popular character on the Japanese animation arcade fighter Soulcalibur, which is quite good, if we may add.

She is a powerhouse, as a playable character, that is. However, some may find her a bit over the top. Some may like her. It really depends on your taste.

Cammy White – Street Fighter

There are so many women in the Street Fighter game, so little time. Cammy White is another hottie from the Street Fighter series, an integral part of it, just like Chun-Li. She first appeared in the cult classic Super Street Fighter II. From there on, she has been around as a popular figure in the game.

She is incredibly hot, more so in her green and red Killer Bee costume, beating up others for fun in Street Fighter V and looking good at it. 

Lady – Devil May Cry

The name she is known is simple, but she is hot, hot, hot. She is also Mary Ann Arkham, and she is hot, intelligent, fun, and handles big guns. 

Though Devil May Cry mainly oozes that post-fun art, combat, and storyline that might be a little weak, there is something in Lady that everybody who has played at least Dante’s Awakening will know. You do now, and maybe you should check out the last DMC that hit the stores back in ‘19.  

Chun-Li – Street Fighter

Chun-Li is considered iconic. There is even a song named after her, sung or rapped by rapper Nicki Minaj. 

She has been around for quite some time, and so has the Street Fighter series. She still is among the strongest fighters in the game and a rare blend of power and allure. She gets even hotter in the SFIII anime series.

Lady Dimitrescu – Resident Evil

Lady Dimitrescu, also referred to as Countess Alcina Dimitrescu, may look a little bit mature compared to the other characters on this list, and she is because she was from the 1950s. She is a talked-about character today, after the release of the Resident Evil Village game. She is not like the other PTYs in this countdown, as we have mentioned just earlier, but a lot more than that. 

A tall countess on the other side of her 30s, she is devilishly attractive, and we want to put emphasis on the devil part. She is popular.

Quiet – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Believe it or not, there are also insanely hot women at warzones. She is one of the hottest female video game characters, a female assassin who can be taken on as a buddy after completing mission 14 on MSGV.

On the flip side, she is also a charismatic character, full of life. And she is one of the reasons why players love MSGV, which is an excellent game, by the way. 

Citra Talugmai – Far Cry 3

Judging by her looks, she has this exotic beauty because she is a Rook Islander from a location inspired by Indonesia in the game. She is an essential character in Far Cry 3, more so Jason. She is a tribal warrior who intimately inspired Jason to kill her tribal brother and wrest complete control of the tribe. 

There are two endgames, one of which is joining Citra, which ends with Jason getting stabbed by Citra while she is on top. 

Mai Shiranui – The King of Fighters

Earlier, we got a Chinese character with Chun-Li. Are we going to miss a Japanese hot video game character? After all, many video games are made in Japan. Literally, her name translates as “the alluring Ninja” in Japanese. Anyone who has played The King of Fighters, and other arcade fighting games similar to Street Fighter, will remember Mai Shiranui. And so will you, for sure. 

She is said to be the Japanese version of Chun-Li, and an alluring figure with sufficient fighting skills, making her a popular choice for pros, perhaps for late game inspirations. 

Morrigan – Dragon Age

Daughter of the legendary witch Flemeth, Morrigan is just how anyone today would like to imagine a witch to be – at least a hot witch – hot, sultry, and sexy. Morrigan first assists the Warden in Dragon Age: Origins. She is also there in Dragon Age: Inquisition too. 

There is a typical romance chain between the Warden and Morrigan. She helps learn shapeshifting and does much more with her shape. 

Here are the rest of the hottest video game characters on our list. 

Trish – Devil May Cry

Ada Wong – Resident Evil

Cortana – Halo

Desire Demon – Dragon Age

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