5 Azur Lane: Crosswave DLCs Get Western Release Date

Compile Heart finally announced the western release date as well as the pricing information for Azur Lane: Crosswave’s five DLC packages. These packages will be available on the PS4 and PC this October 5, with each one costing $7.99.

On the other hand, you can save about 15% if you get the Character Bundle set, which will include all five DLCs for only $33.95. Listed below are the five DLCs as well as their Steam listing, in case you want to check them out:


The Taihou DLC unlocks the following:
Main Ship (Playable):
• Taihou

Support Ships:
• Saint Louis
• Dunkerque
• Jean Bart

Story Mode:
• Taihou – Additional Story Mode Content


The Formidable DLC unlocks the following:
Main Ship (Playable):
• Formidable

Support Ships:
• Warspite
• HMS Neptune
• Zara

Story Mode:
• Formidable – Additional Story Mode content


The Roon DLC unlocks the following:
Main Ship (Playable):
• Roon

Support Ships:
• Graf Zepplin
• Deutschland
• Admiral Graf Spee

Story Mode:
• Roon – Additional Story Mode content


The Le Malin DLC unlocks the following:
Main Ship (Playable):
• Le Malin

Support Ships:
• Essex
• Baltimore
• Centaur

Story Mode:
• Le Malin – Additional Story Mode content


The Sirius DLC unlocks the following:
Main Ship (Playable):
• Sirius

Support Ships:
• London
• Alabama
• Azuma

Story Mode:
• Sirius – Additional Story Mode content

It’s also worth noting that Azur Lane: Crosswave has also been announced to launch for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. However, Idea Factory International still hasn’t said anything about a western release for the Switch.

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