Just like any other people in the world, men deserve a moment to relax and unwind too. Most of them prefer to spend it in their favorite part of the home — their mancave. A mancave is often their temporary escape from their day-to-day realities, and it’s a place that is worthy of some effort.

In this article, we will be listing a few of the wood projects that will make these mancaves more than just a part of the house but someone’s go-to place for relaxation, peace, and serenity. So, if you’re looking for some ideas on how you can add a touch of wooden furniture to your mancave, here are five suggestions.

Wooden Man Cave Sign 

Of course, you should start off with something that you can make as an entrance piece. A wooden sign is one of the most common DIY projects from reclaimed wood, as you can upcycle wood pieces that have been taken from barns, factories, or other sources to create this simple project.

Aside from it sets the first impression, it’s very easy to create as well. By the use of recycled wood and paint, you can start to design your wooden sign. You can write anything on that piece of wood and finish it up with some varnish or leave it as is for a natural rustic look.

Timber Bar 

No mancave would be complete without a minibar — one of the men’s favorite hang-out hobbies is drinking, right? It’s part of their me-time. This makes a timber bar a perfect idea for any mancave. If you have tools and reclaimed timber wood, you can just literally build this up on your own. Just make sure that it’s sturdy enough to withstand the weight of any beverages.

Reclaimed Wood Bottle Opener

Since there’s a bar, there are drinks, including a bottle opener from reclaimed wood is a great addition to your rustic mancave, isn’t it? Aside from the added touch it provides, men will find this very useful during their mini night out on your mancave. You’ll only need a few pieces of timber offcuts, install a bottle opener, and add something that would catch the bottle tops.

Wall Art 

To add more rustic texture and story to your mancave, customize a wall art from reclaimed wood. You can just literally create any abstract art out of the woods and hang it on your walls, then there you have it, an artistic and unique feature in your mancave has been added.

Hang Drop Bench 

Lastly, this is a project that can definitely utilize more space in your mancave. This is very ideal and useful. If you run out of space where you can place some of your things, this mounted hang drop bench is the perfect project for you. You can just simply drop it down when needed and folded it away after use.

Final Words

Don’t just simply throw your scrap wood away, as you can create a lot of useful things out of it. Aside from the ideas mentioned above, there’s still a lot of unique projects that you can make. It really depends on your creativeness and what you want to achieve for your mancave.

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