50-Minute Nintendo Direct Happening Tomorrow

Nintendo has revealed that it will be hosting a new Nintendo Direct showcase later this week. The presentation will be 50 minutes long and will feature updates on old and upcoming games.

Nintendo is not in the business of officially revealing its news and updates well-ahead of time. The company likes to keep things secret until they are near perfect for launch. It exhibited that today by revealing when the next Nintendo Direct will happen.

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Nintendo enthusiasts don’t have to wait that long as the presentation will be airing tomorrow, February 17, 2021, at 5 PM EST. Nintendo has not revealed much in the way of what fans can look forward to from the new Nintendo Direct, but more than enough to have them talking and guessing over the next few hours.

The largest takeaway is that the presentation will last 50 long minutes which means Nintendo has a lot to reveal and announce. The announcement also mentions that the Nintendo Direct will feature news about old games as well as upcoming releases for this year.

The only game to be declared by the title is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Although not officially confirmed, Smash Ultimate’s addition in a Nintendo Direct, specifically one as huge as this, typically means the reveal of a new fighter is inevitable. Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 was the most recent character to be included in the game.

As for what’s to come, one of the biggest launches on Nintendo’s roster in the next few months is the New Pokemon Snap. It doesn’t seem like there is more to announce about the new Pokemon game at this point, as the launch date has already been revealed.

There might be new details and gameplay footage revealed in the event though. Pokemon fans will also be expecting news about the highly speculated Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes, although if that is going to happen, it will possibly be saved for Pokemon Day at the end of this month.

Pokemon is not the only Nintendo-based series commemorating an achievement this year. The Legend of Zelda turns 35 this year. As a matter of fact, this week marks the 35th anniversary of the first Legend of Zelda game, which means it is highly likely that tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct will be dedicated to one of Nintendo’s most iconic franchises.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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