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Seeing your company grow and draw more attention from the customers is rather refreshing. Isn’t it fabulous to know that your product is useful and in great demand?

You can find lots of information about Web Development on respectful sources, such as PVPLive. You would be 100% right if you choose to do so. But, we already know what exactly you need the most.

To help you stand out and be among the top companies in your sector, hire dedicated React JS developers and forget about the existing and approaching server problems once and for all.

Why React?

JavaScript developers have come up with the idea to create a brand new library that allows the perfection of every single detail. So ladies and gentlemen, meet this incredible solution – React JS framework.

If you want to know a bit more, React JavaScript was developed and launched by Facebook in 2013. It indeed changed the process of UI developing and made it possible for software engineers to use a component approach.

The component approach is about program units breaking. Instead of trying to update and upgrade the whole system, React JS certified developers take one specific detail and work on it. Separation is wise, especially in terms of program engineering.

React JS demand on the market

Speaking about the market share of React JS, it is leading now in 202 countries all around the world. That is why many people wonder: “How to become a React JS developer”?

According to Trending Technologies’ overview, the React JS framework has 311.3% of market share. Almost 795,500 websites in the Entire Web were created, employing React to JS’s methods.

The future of React JS developers is brighter than the sun. Believe it or not, employment rates for Reactor candidates never stop rising. Take for example Indeed, the world’s top job-looking resource, says there are 78.1% of open jobs for React JS professionals. In the following years, this number is expected to grow even more.

6 helpful tips about how to find and hire dedicated react JS developers

We take your heavy burden of hiring the top React JS consultant. It turns out there are tons of information on the topic that needs to be sorted out. We did it successfully, by the way.

Below, you can see the list of 6 helpful tips about how to find and hire dedicated react JS developers. Help yourself!

  • Be attractive.

We are talking about your company’s image on the market. What makes your company #1 in your sector? How competitive is it for other similar companies on the market? What perks and benefits your workers get?

Put this down and write an eye-catching overview of your business. Professional developers are likely to find you themselves. Comfortable working conditions and a high salary would be your fishing rod.

  • Make the list of essential screening questions.

To make sure you are speaking with the right candidate, you should ask him/her the defining questions. For example:

Could you tell us about the React higher-order components?
What do you know about JSX? What is it, how do you work with JSX?
What are the new functions and characteristics in ES6?

However, don’t make your job interview an interrogation. And, thus, …

  • Be friendly.

All human beings are attracted to easy-going people. This applies to companies as well. In the United States and Europe, most of the companies have long abandoned any kind of office dress code, sophisticated communication, and other obligatory freedom-restricting rules. People just feel happier when they work in a benefiting environment.

  • Clearly, state the candidate’s responsibilities.

To be honest, the best professionals never wait to hear about their responsibilities from you. They ask about it straight away. And, this is wise because who on earth wants to work with a person who is not interested in the company’s progress?

Here is the list of basic React JS developer roles and responsibilities:

  • User Interface components’ development;
  • Proficiency in React workflows;
  • Ensuring the robust work of each component;
  • Optimizing the overall performance;
  • Teamwork;
  • Dedicated problem-solving.
  • Ask about their skills.

To ensure that a certain candidate fits your job description, learn if he/she has the following skill set. First of all, the candidate must be proficient in HTML and CSS. Without this skill, no one can write correct codes. Besides, a React developer knows JSX, which is the language React.js operates on. The fundamental is also ES6. Other skills might be needed but are not that essential as the aforementioned ones.

  • Choose between freelance, remote, and in-house React developer.

React JS developer salary varies from one professional to another. As a rule, freelance workers charge less than in-house developers. So, if you want to save up, opt for this variant.

The remote development team is a thing for start-ups. When you are still looking to rent an office or a co-worker space, you still need your staff to work. If you do so, you can rent the meeting room once a week, and discuss the next steps.

What React developers have done so far?

We suspect that you might not believe the loud words and statistics. However, such companies as Netflix, New York Times, Dropbox, Microsoft, and Airbnb (to name a few) have already benefited from the results brought by React JS front-end developers.

I doubt you have never heard about them. But what makes them choose this very library?

  1. Greater support for service-side rendering;
  2. Faster operation;
  3. Less unwanted side effects;
  4. Providing a highly reusable code;
  5. The automation of the process due to code modes;
  6. React is less permissive.

Thanks to React JS, we have the iOS Calculator, Emoji Search, Github Battle app, Shopping Cart application, Bitcoin Price Index, Hacker News Clone React/GraphQL, and many other useful applications and programs that help us live easier.

Welcome to the React world!

React Java Script is worth attention. React developers are worth to be hired. React apps are worth to be used.

So many things that are worth trying, and React JS is no exception. This library is still a baby. It’s only 6 years old. This means there is room for your project, no doubt.

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