7-11 Japan Giving Free Gold Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo

Fans looking forward to Monster Hunter Rise will have an opportunity to receive a special edition Amiibo from 7-11 Japan. As a franchise popular for collecting unique gear, fans will want to win these exclusively rare Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo.

Usually, an Amiibo provides special advantages in-game for players who use it, ranging from storing save data to getting special items. A lot of Nintendo games have had Amiibo support over the years, but only several of those come with a golden finish. Sadly, this exclusive edition set of Amiibo is not available for purchase, as the collection will only be solely available from a local 7-11 convenience store in Japan.

The special Amiibo set comes with three figures, based on different beasts from Monster Hunter Rise. Fans will instantly recognize the Palamute, which is a dog mount, as well as the Palico, which is the popular feline sidekick in the Monster Hunter franchise. The third Amiibo is the signature monster of the new game, Magnamalo. While these three figures will be available to buy in their standard colors, the gold edition will be much difficult to obtain.

The only way fans can get these golden Amiibo will be to win a contest via 7-11 Japan. To join, players will have to buy a digital download card for Monster Hunter Rise. Purchasing a card from January 25 to April 11 will earn a ticket into the contest.

As of writing, there is no detail on when Capcom will reveal winners, or how many players will be chosen as winners. Additionally, the Amiibo designs that have been posted online are just concepts and are not yet final.

Amiibo reveals are typically worth checking out because of their unique designs and in-game advantages. For fans of different franchises, the figures also serve as an extra collectible aside from the gameplay experience and this golden Amiibo collection will most likely join the rank of the most expensive Amiibo ultimately.

The other upside is that this Monster Hunter Rise collection will not be taken advantage by scalpers. Since it is a contest depending on chance, anyone who buys a download card will have the opportunity to own these Amiibo.

With this said, these collectibles have come under fire in the past for being a kind of physical DLC. Gamers thinking of getting the new game will likely be frustrated to learn that these Amiibo will provide one of a kind armor sets which means fans wanting these outfits will need to spend extra cash.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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