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Instagram’s existence since 2010 may feel like a lifetime in the ever-changing digital marketing and social media landscape. The app has become increasingly popular as a tool for self-promotion, although many musicians have only started using it in the last few years.

It’s important to develop certain excellent habits, just like you would with any other social media platform, to make the most of this digital video and photo-sharing app. Instagram is a terrific visual social networking platform with about 2 billion active users to expand your online community. It is a great way to give your followers a glimpse into your life through visual content.

Although funny memes, quips, and viral videos may get you noticed, you need strategic techniques to establish a community of admirers for you and your music. Here are seven suggestions for attracting more Instagram followers.

Do your research

Find some bands or musicians you like and feel are comparable to you before you start posting. What kind of content are they responding to? Just what hashtags do they employ? How serious is their online relationship with their followers?

Doing your research after placing a wager on Sloto will help you figure out what approach to take and get ahead of the competition. Obviously, don’t just duplicate anything or use someone else’s photographs without crediting them.

Make reels a top priority

Although Instagram was originally created for sharing photographs, reels have quickly become the most popular type of post there. For musicians using Instagram, this is great news because it expands your opportunities for promotion.

To help you gain the most attention possible for your music on Instagram, use videos as your primary content on Instagram to build an organic following quickly.

Be creative

You’re a fantastic guitarist and musician, but did you know you’re even better in the kitchen? That’s the sort of stuff you can drop hints about to your fans. You can really connect with your Instagram followers by occasionally revealing more personal details about your life.

You could also geolocate your postings when it makes sense (concerts, recording studios, tours, etc.) and tag friends in the same circles as you if they are in the photo. A potential star, yes, but never forget that you are, first and foremost, human.

Involve your Instagram followers in your musical journey.

Those who believe they know you will be the most invested in what you have to say as an artist. In earlier decades, famous people were unapproachable and only wanted their fans to know the positive aspects of their lives.

Everything has changed because of social media, and now the most famous people are the ones who have given fans access to their private lives. The most popular musicians on Instagram are the ones who use the platform to build genuine connections with their followers. Your new song could be a hit, but imagine how much more interested listeners would be if you shared its development with them before it was finalized.

You could release an early demo to your followers so they can offer feedback and learn more about the inspiration behind the song’s lyrics. Let your followers in on the action on Instagram and other platforms. Getting your fans to know you, participate in your process, and feel fully involved is the first step toward creating a completely devoted following.

Consider the structure of your content

There are essentially two ways to go about posting content. Bigger acts may have devoted staff members managing their social media accounts, making them more likely to stick to professional messages. That implies there will be a lot of photos, setlists, and other promotional materials featuring them performing.

A mixture of musically-related and other fun messages may, however, yield superior results in terms of participation, especially at the grassroots level. Find out what content resonates with your audience and inject that into your social media posts to boost engagement.

Create a posting schedule

Instagram’s algorithm places a premium on posting consistency. Plan ahead, and you won’t have to worry about being forced to upload that photo of yourself from 2014 when your hair was still greasy. Scheduling your posts can help you build a pattern in your Instagram posts (concert dates, album releases, etc.) and keep your content well-organized for your fans.

You can either stick to established patterns or create your own. You have complete control over the message you send to your Instagram followers, so it’s important to have a clear goal and be actively involved in your content.

Pick excellence over quantity any day

Contrary to what you may expect, a smaller collection of high-quality images is preferable to numerous average ones. Think about the message and the shot’s lighting, composition, and subject. For what reason did you take this picture? A new album, a video, or just a (beautiful) memento of the show?

Depending on the objective, the content may change. If you’re a musician who has trouble deciding, remember that you can upload a photo carousel instead. Your album has a story, and so should your Instagram.

Go for it!

Your Instagram should reflect your individuality just as much as your music does. Don’t worry if things go wrong; everyone will have forgotten by tomorrow.

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