One of the most popular or common Google searches by Roblox players is “free Robux” or “how to get free Robux.” This leads us to the question: is it actually possible to earn Robux for free? This may seem too good to be true, and many won’t think it’s possible. But believe it or not, there are actually some legitimate ways you can get free Robux.

If you’re one of those players who have been desperately searching for free Robux generators on Google and ending up on spammy websites, your search ends today. In this article, we’ll provide you with seven reliable ways you can get Robux without having to pay actual money.

What Is Robux?

Before we provide you with the seven methods mentioned above, we need to discuss what Robux is first for those who are unfamiliar with it or have only started playing Roblox recently. For those who don’t know, Roblox is a freemium game that’s played by both kids, teens, and adults alike worldwide.

Specifically, Roblox is a platform wherein you can create and design your very own games set within the Roblox universe. But if you don’t want to create your own game, you can also choose among over 50 million Roblox games to play.

Roblox has an official in-game currency known as Robux, which can be used to purchase and access a variety of premium features. For instance, by having a sufficient amount of Robux, you can buy the Roblox Game Pass, purchase various items for your character, and even play premium games that can’t be accessed when you’re only running the free version.

Because of the many things you can do with it, most Roblox players want to get their hands on Robux. However, not every player is able to get them, especially since a significant portion of Roblox’s players are young kids.


Are Free Robux Generators Reliable?

If you’ve tried Googling different ways to earn free Robux, you’ve probably been redirected to Robux generators several times. According to these free online tools, they can send you as much Robux as you want. However, there’s no proof that these claims are legitimate, and we highly recommend that you refrain from interacting with such websites because you might end up allowing viruses or security threats into your device.

7 Legit Ways to Get Robux for Free

If you’re one of these players who are desperately trying to earn Robux, you’re in luck! We’ve found several legit methods for earning Robux for free. Try out these methods and sooner or later, you’ll be the next Elon Musk in the Roblox universe!

1. Become an Affiliate

Do you have a blog or a platform that has a lot of followers? Or perhaps you’re an online influencer with a high social media following. In this case, you may want to check out Roblox’s Affiliate Program if you want to earn some free Robux.

All you need to do is promote Roblox to your followers by sharing links with them. Whenever one of your followers uses your link to sign up for the game, you receive Robux! How simple is that?


2. Create a Unique Roblox Game

This may seem like a daunting task that requires a lot of effort on your part, but we promise you that it will be worth it. Anyone can create their own Roblox game, even those who have zero knowledge about coding. This is thanks to the platform’s game development tool, which is easy to use and helps you build a game from scratch.

Now, there are a lot of benefits to building your own Roblox game, one of which is that you can earn a hefty amount of Robux once your game is finished.

3. Use Your Game’s Landing Page

Once you have your own Roblox game, there’s another way you can earn Robux aside from receiving a percentage of your game’s ad revenue. You can actually earn Robux through your game’s landing page. Specifically, if new players sign up to Roblox through your game’s landing page, you’ll be able to earn Robux. Of course, you need to also be an Affiliate for this method to work.

4. Join Giveaways

If you don’t want to make the effort of creating your own Roblox game, another way you can easily earn Robux for free is by joining contests and giveaways. As long as you know where to look, there are countless giveaways that happen frequently on online forms, social media groups, Discord servers, and more.

5. Sell Roblox Game Passes

In line with creating your own Roblox game, you can also earn even more Robux by selling Game Passes. Whenever a player buys a Game Pass from you, you immediately receive Robux.


6. Join Apps and Surveys

There are various apps online that allow you to earn points and rewards just by accomplishing various tasks. These tasks are simple enough, and you can earn money from completing them. Once you’ve accumulated enough, you can then buy Robux from the money you’ve earned.

Some samples of these apps include:

  • LifePoints;
  • SurveyJunkie;
  • Bloxmate;
  • Vindale Research; and
  • SwagBucks.

7. Sell Stuff on the Marketplace

Lastly, you can sell various items on the Roblox Marketplace as long as you have the Builders Club Membership. By designing your own clothing items, you can then sell them on the Marketplace, where you can earn Robux in return.


You see, there’s no need to spend actual money to get your hands on Robux. If you have the drive to be creative and exert a little effort, you’ll be able to earn a considerable amount of Robux without having to pay a dime.

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