YouTube right now is a huge social media platform with over 31 million active channels. Creators from different countries and backgrounds can post content and find an audience interested in what they have to say.

If you are wondering how you can get YouTube subscribers, then the answer is simple. You need to establish a channel that is all about your passions and dreams. Moreover, you should always speak your mind and express your values freely. This way, you will attract the users that will become your loyal followers, which will give you views, likes, and comments.

All of the creators included in this list have been successful in doing that. The female YouTubers will make you feel empowered with their videos and opinions. Make sure that you check all of them to learn how you can adopt the same style. Once you do, enhance your content by buying YouTube views from Stormviews.

#1 Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles is a famous female YouTuber with a huge following. Right now, her channel has 20.3 million subscribers and her videos have 1.6 billion accumulated views. Her videos teach other women how to be comfortable with themselves as she shares makeup tutorials and beauty routines. Moreover, she is a pet lover and she regularly features her dogs on her videos, as well as fun projects for dog toys. Her channel is for every woman who wants to watch a lifestyle channel and loves dogs.

#2 Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh, or Superwoman, is another popular YouTube channel established by a woman. On her videos, Lilly Singh is frequently talking about her cultural heritage and how it is like growing up as an immigrant. Her videos also include comedy sketches, while she frequently features her parents. The famous YouTuber has also published the book “How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Overcoming Life” in 2017, has won an MTV Fandom Award, a People’s Choice Award, four Streamy Awards, and two Teen Choice Awards.

#3 Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is a well-known creator on YouTube. At the moment, her channel has 8.88 million subscribers and a little over 1 billion video views. The female YouTuber is most-recognized for her beauty videos and her vlogs that give a taste of her life. Apart from her channel, Michelle Phan is also the co-founder of Ipsy and the founder of EM Cosmetics. When you find your dream content, you can start promoting it by gaining YouTube views from Stormviews. This way, you will reach a wider audience that will enable you to make all of your dreams come true.

#4 Louise Pentland

Louise Pentland has one of the most inspiring channels that you can watch. She is a curvy YouTuber that promotes a body-positive philosophy by sharing fashion and beauty tips. The creator is also a mother of two daughters and so, she likes to post videos on the secrets and the struggles of motherhood. The YouTuber has also published 4 books, which include the memoirs “Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter” and “Sprinkle of Glitter 2016 Diary: Have the Best Year of Your Life!” and the novels “Wilde Like Me” and “Wilde About the Girl”. Right now, her channel has gained 2.32 million subscribers.

#5 Anna Akana

Anna Akana is not just a YouTuber. She is also an actor, writer, and director. All of her content is very interesting to watch, whether it is her vlogs or some of her short films. Anna Akana is very relatable as she talks about many of the problems that modern women are facing in their everyday lives. Her way of talking is witty, humorous, and it’s easy for her viewers to relate to her. With the right promotion, you can also create a successful channel, where you can express yourself. The key to its growth is to visit Stormviews that will help you by buying YouTube views, likes, and subscribers.

#6 Grace Helbig

There is no denying that YouTube is a massive platform. In fact, only this website gathers 44% of all Internet users. By taking this into consideration, you can understand how successful a YouTuber must be to remain one of the best for many years. This is especially true for Grace Helbig, which is one of the oldest creators on the platform. The YouTuber has seen great success over the years, with a lot of films, stand-up sets, web series, and even some book publications.

#7 My Harto

Hannah Hart is the creator of the YouTube channel, My Harto. When she started on YouTube, she was mostly known for her weekly series “My Drunk Kitchen”, where she was preparing food while being intoxicated. Her videos quickly evolved and now she posts a variety of content that also includes vlogs, challenges, and more. Hannah Hart is also openly lesbian and many women find her very empowering. The well-known YouTuber has gone on a world tour, has starred in movies and series, and has published a parody cookbook.

#8 Physics Girl

Physics Girl is a YouTube channel created by Dianna Cowern, a science communicator. On her channel, she creates videos where she explains science and the world around us. Her experiments are all fun-to-watch and very entertaining. For this reason, over the years she has earned 1.7 million subscribers and 124 million video views. To start growing your channel and achieve engagement like this, you need to visit Stormviews. This site enables you to adopt an effective strategy by buying YouTube views.

#9 Mamrie Hart

Mamrie Hart has a YouTube channel that first begun with the series “You Deserve A Drink”, where she creates various cocktails. For this series, the creator has won two Streamy Awards, one for best actress in a comedy series and one for her writing. Apart from this, Mamrie Hart has also written a book, co-wrote, and co-starred in the movies Camp Takota and Dirty 30.

All of the above women have created great YouTube careers that quickly expanded into something more. The first of this success include buying YouTube views from Stormviews, which will let you reach a wide audience.

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