“Fortnite” is beyond just providing gamers with a battle royale experience they will love. This online video game also grants access to a Creative mode, which, as the term implies, allows players to create their own maps and game modes. One game mode that has catapulted itself to popularity since the launch of Fortnite Creative is the Prop Hunt. 

Previously, PVP Live presented the best horror maps in “Fortnite.” This time, you will learn about the best Prop Hunt maps in the game, including their map codes. 

Best ‘Fortnite’ Prop Hunt Maps With Map Codes 

1. Prop Hunt – Haunted House

Though Prop Hunt – Haunted House is a bit older than the others on this list, its creators ensure it is constantly updated. With new props, features, and rewards, this prop hunt map is among the most well-loved. 

Aside from that, even more inanimate objects would move on their own across the floor, giving players the most unique experiences. With hundreds of various hiding spots on this map, “Fortnite” players will play this map for countless hours.

Map code for Prop Hunt – Haunted House: 4010-8053-3281

2. Toy Store Prop Hunt

It was in 2019 when the Toy Store Prop Hunt was originally released. Around four years later, it is still an incredibly popular Prop Hunt map. 

In this map, gamers hide in a toy shop disguised as one of the toys! Feel like you’re in Disney’s “Toy Story’! Plus, the many tiny objects and toys even make the game more challenging for the hunters, not to mention the various tools at their disposal to make things a bit easier. 

Map code for Toy Store Prop Hunt: 8760-1807-7616

3. Roller Disco Prop Hunt

The Prop Hunt game mode is all about the fun of things, and if you want to experience absolute joy, there is no better way to go than to have the Roller Disco Prop Hunt with you. 

This map features bright lights, taking you back to the 80s decade. What’s more, it has also been featured on Epic Games’ Discover tab, so you should definitely check this out. 

Map code for Roller Disco Prop Hunt: 3948-7015-9316

4. Prop Hunt – Candy Factory

This Prop Hunt map plays as sweet as it sounds. Some of its most remarkable features include lots of props, unique and clever hiding spots, vast areas to cover, and unforgettable niches portraying themselves across the entire game. Prop Hunt – Candy Factor checks all the boxes. 

Following the “candy” theme, this map is designed to become a warzone laden with hunters and props. You will certainly have fun playing this map. 

Map code for Prop Hunt – Candy Factory: 3455-9215-7438

5. Mall Mania Prop Hunt

Do you fancy malling? Then, you will enjoy playing this map. Mall Mania Prop Hunt is also among the largest functional Prop Hunt maps across the directory of “Fortnite’s” Creative mode. There are many various mall stores where Mall Mania transpires, and each store has quite a number of props for the hiding team to take advantage of. 

As a matter of fact, this Prop Hunt map boasts more than 900 props for gamers to locate around. Mall Mania lives up to its name like several other Prop Hunt maps. It is an infection-style game that gives those eliminated another chance to play and have the best time of their lives.

Map code for Mall Mania Prop Hunt: 3904-9321-7254

6. Cozy Café Prop Hunt 

On the other hand, if you are somebody who often fancies visiting coffee shops with your friends, to celebrate birthdays, or just to enjoy some food and drinks by yourself, you will love playing with this “Fortnite” Prop Hunt map. 

This map allows you to hide as a stool or trash as you watch the seekers frantically shoot at each piece of furniture in the shop. Worth trying.

Map code for Cozy Café Prop Hunt: 8851-5874-9250

7. The Yacht Prop Hunt

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a yacht? Something very luxurious, right? But this “Fortnite” Creative Prop Hunt map is much more than this.

It gives off some “Call of Duty” vibes. Do you know why? Giving some deadly fights, this map is well-recreated, providing players ample opportunity to hide themselves as a prop and have the most fabulous time as a hunter. Go ahead and try playing this map.

Map code for The Yacht Prop Hunt: 7257-6466-2198

8. Minecraft Prop Hunt

The marriage of “Fortnite” and the popular sandbox game “Minecraft” happens with this Prop Hunt map. The Minecraft Prop Hunt presents a small map designed to appear as if it was ripped straight out of the world of Minecraft. 

It is a game running on Unreal Engine 5, taking several unusual models and allowing players to utilize them to disguise themselves from the hunting team. Plus, this Prop Hunt holds up to 12 gamers, giving them a 6v6 at maximum capacity. 

Map code for Minecraft Prop Hunt: 0442-4585-1735

Own These Prop Hunt Maps

Prop Hunt is an exhilarating hide-and-seek game laden with a special feature – hiders disguising as almost any decorative object on the map. The primary objective is to evade the hunters and survive until time runs out. On the other hand, the hunters must spot and eliminate all hiding places within a given time. 

Therefore, as you search, you must have a good eye for stuff that look different on your map. As you hide, you should do your very best to blend in with your surroundings. These make this game mode promising to play with your friends and loved ones.

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