A freeware instant messaging mobile app brought to you by the Canadian company Kik Interactive, Kik or Kik Messenger is the virtual place to chat and message your friends and make new ones, no matter what device you use. 

This instant messaging app makes it much easier than ever to keep in touch with your relatives and friends. Unlike other apps of this kind that require you to disclose your mobile number, Kik lets you sign up and send messages using just your email address, thereby maintaining your privacy. 

With only your username as your ID, Kik allows you to exchange messages, photos, videos, stickers, sketches, emojis, mobile webpages, and other content with others using the platform.

However, behind these fantastic things you can do on Kik, things can get really annoying when you get the glitch “Kik not showing new messages” or “Kik not showing new chats.” The issue might either be at Kik’s server’s end or on your end. 

In this article, we will uncover nine ways you can fix this error to continue using the app without the glitches and hassles. 

Ways to Fix The ‘Kik Not Showing New Messages’ Error

Here are the ways to fix the “Kik not showing new chats” error. 

1. Just Wait For A While

There could be instances when maintenance is ongoing with the Kik app, which is normal. Check your email or notifications from the Kik team if there are any. If some maintenance is going on, you just have to wait a while.

2. Update The Kik App With The Latest Version

Another way to solve the problem is to update Kik with its latest version. Sometimes, the older version does not work perfectly well. If your Kik app is not updated, it may not work properly. 

Updating the app to its latest version will fix all the previous bugs in the app, which are also known to Kik’s support team. You may also toggle on the auto-update of the app if you wish, so your Kik app will continually be updated with the latest bug-free version.

3. Check Your Internet Speed

The third method to fix the issue is to check your Internet speed. Make sure you have a stable Internet connection. You can experience this issue on the app if your Internet is slow. What you can do is turn on then off your mobile data or check your router if you are using Wi-Fi.

4. Check The Permissions Of The App

Ensure you have provided the required permission to the Kik app. Otherwise, the app will not work smoothly. If you are using Android, you can go to Settings, then App, then the Kik app, and provide the required permission.

5. Login And Logout

Another method is logging in to and out of the Kik app. This may fix the issue.

6. Restart The App

If the above solutions do not work, another thing you can do is close the app and open it again.

7. Clear The App’s Cache

Another way to fix the issue is to clear the app’s cache. 

If you are using Android, you can do this by proceeding to Settings, then to Application Manager, then tapping on Kik, and tapping on Clear cache. Doing this clears the cache. 

For iPhone users, go to iPhone settings, then find the Kik app and tap this. Afterward, tap on the Offload App button, and reinstall the app.

8. Restart Your Phone

Sometimes, resolving the issue just involves you restarting your phone.

9. Contact Kik’s Support Team

If the methods above still do not work, you may contact Kik’s support team and wait for their reply.

Some reasons why this error message shows up include an Internet issue, a server glitch in the app, the Kik app not being updated in a long time, and a temporary bug in the app. Keep on browsing this website for more articles on technology.

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