toast wallet recovery - A complete guide to the toast wallet

The crypto community is growing larger by the day due to increased user adoption. Have you ever thought of having your assets in a secured wallet more than having crypto assets? How do you evaluate a secured wallet? If you have never given this a thought before, here’s your big chance of understanding one of the best crypto wallets you can use to hold your crypto assets in 2022.

Like every other crypto wallet, the toast wallet is one of the numerous crypto wallets across the crypto space where you can hold your asset without having to fret about loss. This wallet was developed in 2017 by StarStone Unlimited, which Richard Holland founded. This wallet has been in existence since 2017 and has been ranked as one of the best crypto wallets to hold and store your assets based on numerous evaluations. You could download the toast wallet from their official website.

Why should I choose the toast wallet?

There are several reasons why you should use the toast wallet as your primary crypto wallet, and here are some of these reasons

It’s open-source

It’s an open-source wallet, which means it’s 100% open to auditing. Anyone could access the wallet and proof it for any bug or software-related issue. The wallet being open source is so beneficial that before any major damages could be done, the issue would have been rectified since everyone has access to the software. In the same way, the crypto community is decentralized and open-source. All transactions could be audited for error or theft. With this, the toady wallet isn’t prone to theft like some wallets. However, you must have the toast wallet recovery service on standby should you forget your password. The recovery service would be responsible for an extra layer of security for your asset and portfolio in general.


Some wallets are only compatible with some devices, and this restricts usage. The toast wallet is such that it has a large range of compatibility. Its compatibility ranges from PC/Tablets to mobile devices. So, you can have your toast wallet on the Mac OSX browser, Linux, or Windows. You can also have it on Android iOS. This means you can have the wallet on your smartphone, which could be used on the go. You don’t have to worry about having your PC before you can send or receive assets. With your mobile phone, you can trade whenever and wherever.


A crypto wallet without a strong security setup is already vulnerable to attacks. The toast wallet has a strong security firewall that would first require a six-digit PIN of your choice on your first usage. This pin would guard against unauthorized personnel from accessing your wallet. Once the pin is set up, you’d be required to enter a passphrase, another layer of encryption that helps keep your wallet as secure as possible. Before you can import your toast account to another device, you’d be asked to reinter this seed phrase. So, ensure you keep them safe alongside the pin, as that would be used to confirm transactions on the wallet. However, you can always have the toast wallet recovery service at your fingertips if you know the passphrases and pins might be too hard to keep.

Excellent customer support

The toast wallet is very easy to set up due to its user-friendly interface. However, if you find it somewhat difficult to navigate, you can contact customer support for assistance. Customer support is available 24/7 and can be reached via online tickets, emails, and social media like discord, reedit, or even Twitter. So, you need not worry if you have a bit of technicality. Instead of showing another person your wallet and opening up to further vulnerability, you should message the support directly.

Also, several frequently asked questions have been provided answers on the official website. Feel free to visit the website and go through the FAQs section to ensure some of your questions haven’t been answered instead of contacting support.

The toast wallet is very easy to use and is available on almost all devices. It is, however, essential that you keep your passphrase safe. The moment your passphrase is compromised, you might want to contact your toast wallet recovery service to help you reshuffle the passphrase and get advice on how well you can keep it safe and away from possible theft.

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