Among the things that make “Hogwarts Legacy” fascinating is that the gamer can meet new characters not found in the “Harry Potter” books and movies. This is because the game is set in the Wizarding World during the late 1800s. One of these new characters is Charles Rookwood.

Rookwood was a Scottish wizard who was the Professor of Transfiguration at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the Tudor period, yes, the royal family in England that was the roots of Queen Elizabeth. 

But Rookwood is not just a character you’ll come across in the game and leave behind. He actually has a trial for you that’s not a side quest but the 29th main quest in “Hogwarts Legacy.” But many say finishing this quest is tricky, so for those already in this part of the game, here’s a guide for you. Let’s get started.

Solving The Puzzles In The Trial: A How-To Guide

Completing Charles Rookwood’s test is mandatory if you want to progress in the game, so there is no way you can evade this only because it is difficult. The second trial in the main story, this quest will require you to backtrack a little bit during the two Archway puzzles. 

Similar to the earlier Percival Rackham trial, the Archway in this trial works as some sort of a parallel dimension you can center and pull objects back and forth for you to solve the puzzles. Now this can get a bit confusing, so PVP Live is here to help. 

Just a segue: be sure to look out for Pensieve Sentries and Pensieve Protects along your journey.

Solution To The Blocking Pillar Puzzle

The first section of this guide is the solution to the blocking pillar puzzle. After you get to Rookwood’s trial, your first main puzzle is about a pillar blocking the Archway back to the original reality. Below are the steps to solve this puzzle. 

First, use a Basic Cast on the button located on the right-hand wall. Then, cast Accio through the Archway, pulling the pillar toward your current reality, where it shall transform into a cube. Now the pillar is removed. Freely walk around the Archway leading to the next room. It isn’t as difficult as what others say, is it?

Solution To The Trial Bridge Puzzle

Now your last puzzle to solve prior to your battle with the big boss involves a broken bridge that you must navigate to get to the other side. The following steps detail how you can do it. 

First, use a Basic Cast on the wall-mounted button, which will rotate the Archway to the tiny ledge where you came from. On the ledge, use Levioso on the cube in order to levitate it. Remember, cast Leviosa, not Wingardium Leviosa. 

Then, climb on the floating cube to approach the bridge. Now shoot the wall-mounted button once more, which will rotate the bridge to its initial position. You should be able to jump across toward the next room.

Those are basically everything you need to know to complete this main quest. If you need a visual guide, watch this video.

Hogwarts Legacy” is a game you can play on PlayStation 5 and 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows. 

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