All Borderlands 2 Classes Ranked From Worst To Best

Borderlands 3 had rave reviews when it was launched last year, but its predecessor from 2012 is still a fan favorite. Borderlands 2 is still the most universally adored installment in Gearbox Software’s hallmark franchise. That’s why it’s placed first on our list of the best Borderlands games. It’s been repackaged and resold multiple times, with each iteration adding new graphics, skins, missions, and playable characters.

Despite the fact that the game is nearly eight years old, new people continue to join the servers. This is owing in part to the game’s inclusion in The Handsome Collection, which includes Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Prequel, and all of their DLC in one convenient bundle. At one point or another, the collection was free on practically every gaming platform, and it is frequently included in huge discounts.

Another reason is that the game is still enjoyable. TWithits bold black lines and brilliant colors, cthe game’s comic-like aesthetic complements the game’s theatrical pandemonium and gives it a timeless vibe. Sniping Psychos and fighting Badasses nowadays feels just as nice as it did when we believed the Mayan apocalypse would wipe us all out.


One of the most crucial decisions you’ll make in the game occurs immediately at the start when you must select a character and their related class. “So, who is the finest Borderlands 2 character?” some of you newcomers might think.

Before we find out who the greatest character in Borderlands 2 is, there are a few fast qualifications we need to get out of the way.

To begin with, BL2 is an extremely well-balanced game. Every character has their own special powers best suited to specific situations, and none of them are inherently weak or evil. If your favorite character rates lower than you thought, it’s most likely because they’re a little more niche than the rest.

Second, in addition to the initial four characters, this list will include two DLC characters. These characters are featured in The Handsome Collection, but you may need to purchase them separately if you have the vanilla version of the game.

Finally, bear in mind that each character has three separate upgrade branches to choose from. Because you won’t max out all three, your outcomes will vary according to how you spend your upgrade points and which abilities you get.



Back in March 2013, Krieg was the last character to be introduced to the Borderlands 2 roster. The Psycho has a Buzz Ax Rampage skill that causes him to lose control of his firearms and replace them with a massive two-handed ax that delivers 500% melee damage and heals itself after each kill.

The Psycho is a bit of a wildcard in the group of rated Borderlands 2 classes (which is really saying something in this game). You may turn him into a Mutant Badass Psycho and stomp on his foes with severe melee assaults, concentrate on weapons and grenades, or set yourself on fire to do extra fire damage while running screaming over the battlefield. This makes him a lot of fun to play but also a lot of trouble to position tactically. Locking yourself into a melee build might provide a number of difficulties.

Krieg’s Bloodlust tree is focused on kill skills and bloodlust stacks, while his Mania tree is focused on melee, and his Hellborn tree is focused on fire damage upgrades.



On most novice players’ initial (or even second) Borderlands 2 playthroughs, I wouldn’t advocate using Zer0. That isn’t to say he isn’t worth playing; he’s tricky to control and doesn’t get truly excellent until late in the game when his strongest skills are unlocked.

The Assassin is most suited to sniper guns and melee warfare. However, because so much of the game involves combating waves of mid-range foes, we are hesitant to endorse him. His health is likewise inferior to that of the majority of the other characters.

Zer0, on the other hand, possesses some of the strongest endgame skills and is far more valuable when partnered with a tank such as Salvador, Axton, or Gaige. Decapitati0n, his unique ability, allowing you to generate a hologram as a diversion while Zer0 himself fades away.

When it comes to skill trees, you may choose between the Bloodshed tree for combat skills, the Cunning tree for utility and damaging effects, and the Sniping tree for… well, sniping.



Maya is the Siren, which is Borderlands 2’s closest equivalent to a support/healer class. Her Phaselock special ability generates a stasis bubble that begins as a basic mid-air suspension and grows into a force cage that deals damage.

When you’re playing as a Siren, your main strategy centers upon this unique ability. Phaselock’s cooldown is the shortest of any class’s special abilities, making it ideal for crowd control. Maya is a lot of fun to play as a solo player, but you won’t get the full benefit of her abilities unless you play multiplayer. If you want to learn how to play her for support, look at this “nurse build.”

Maya’s Cataclysm tree may be used to improve damage types, her Harmony tree can improve defense and health, and her Motion tree may be used to make Phaselock more of a defensive ability.



What is the best character for newcomers in Borderlands 2?

Axton is your man if you want to change, reload, and shoot any gun in the game quicker. Axton is the most well-rounded character in the game, and we think he’s one of Borderlands 2’s greatest single characters. He’s also the greatest character for newbies who aren’t sure what playstyle they like, as several of his powers improve the game’s basic principles.

In practically every circumstance, his Sabre Turret skill comes in handy. When you drop a turret, it immediately begins firing at the nearest adversary. This is especially beneficial if you’re playing alone since you may utilize the turret to distract opposing crowds’ attention while shooting from the sidelines and regaining your shields.

The Guerilla tree increases basic combat and weaponry, while the Gunpowder tree increases long-range fighting, and the Survival tree increases Axton’s protection.



The other DLC character on this list is Gaige. Are you a fan of massive robots and explosions? I’ve got some wonderful news for you. “Death Trap,” Gaige’s unique power, allows her to conjure a giant floating killer robot of the same name. Death Trap, like Axton’s turret, is beneficial for deflecting opposing fire.

Many of the Mechromancer’s powers are centered on shock damage. This may be a bit of a mixed bag. Shock is 50% more effective against opponent shields, but it is 10% less effective against flesh. It’s also worthless against zombies, and it actually heals Tankensteins.

Gaige’s Anarchy stacks are the true reason for her excellent ranking. Every murder and every empty clip adds to the chaos. With a maximum of 400 stacks, each stack increases attack damage by 1.75 percent while decreasing accuracy by 1.75 percent. When you combine this skill with the ability to use a shotgun at close range, you have the perfect character for dealing with bosses. After all, point-blank precision isn’t important.

Her Best Friends Forever tree gives you more life, her Little Big Trouble tree gives you more shock, and her Ordered Chaos tree gives you damage, health, and shield improvements.



More guns, more guns, more guns! Salvador is our top choice for the greatest Borderlands 2 character classes, which should come as no surprise to anybody who has played him. Gunzerking permits him to use any two weapons simultaneously, but it’s because of a common hack that makes use of this particular skill that he gets the top slot.

In Borderlands 2, certain firearms may heal the player while doing damage. The Grog Nozzle is exceptionally potent, healing you for 65 percent of the damage it delivers while also slamming foes (which forces them to take additional damage).

When combined with another, more powerful pistol, such as the Unkempt Harold, Salvador becomes nearly unkillable while doing tremendous amounts of damage. This strategy is so flawed that you can use it to force your way through the entire game essentially.

The Brawn tree increases the Gunzerker’s physical toughness, the Gun Lust tree strengthens his weapons, and the Rampage tree increases his stat bonuses.

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