New Among Us Beta Features Anonymous Voting and More

After InnerSloth’s recent announcement revealing the cancellation of Among Us 2, the hardworking team of developers decided that they would continue to focus on improving the first game instead.

Now, those who bought the title on Steam get the chance to rifle through the beta updates as well as experience some of the improvements added to the game. Even though InnerSloth hasn’t released an announcement yet discussing the many updates included in Among Us, players have been able to discover by themselves different ways to play the game.

Not only that, but they were able to experience first-hand the accessibility options included in specific tasks, which is something that InnerSloth said it wanted to implement in-game. One highly-requested accessibility feature was colorblind support, which will be a huge help during tasks wherein colors play a major part, such as the wires task.

In this new beta update, each of the wires will have a corresponding shape, which will help color blind individuals match the wires correctly and efficiently without having to rely on color.


Another update recently discovered by players primarily focuses on the impostors, as this new addition will help impostors during certain situations. The beta update gives players the option to hide votes during a match.

This way, players won’t be able to know who voted who during an emergency meeting or when a dead body is found. Consequently, this means that impostors can become even more aggressive during meetings and they won’t become suspicious for voting against the groupthink.

In other news, the host of a room now has the option to change how the taskbar gets updated during a match. Before the beta update, the taskbar only has one default setting and that’s “Always.”

This means that every time a task is completed, the taskbar will automatically update as well. Now, this setting has other options you can switch to, namely “Meetings” and “Never.”

If it’s set to “Meetings,” this means that the taskbar will only update every time somebody calls for a meeting or when a corpse is reported. On the other hand, the “Never” option will hide the taskbar completely, which means that crewmates won’t know whether or not they’re close to winning the match through tasks.


At the moment, only those who have the game on Steam can try out the beta update and we don’t know just yet when the beta will make its way to mobile devices.

If you play the Steam version of Among Us and you want to try out the update, you can access the beta by going to your Steam library and right-clicking on your copy of Among Us. Afterward, click on Properties and then select the Betas tab.

You will then be given the option to select the “public-beta” option on the drop-down menu, which will allow your copy of the game to download beta updates.

Among other news, InnerSloth said in a Twitch stream that they have other features planned for the game, specifically focusing on those players who die within a match. The developer noticed that a lot of players leave a match after they die, which has made them assume that continuing the game as a ghost might be “boring.”

As such, the InnerSloth team has decided to brainstorm on different ideas they can implement in the game that will give ghosts other things to do. One idea that they’ve considered is turning those dead players into guardian angels instead for those who are still alive in-game.

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