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Casinos are a place of both skill and chance. It is what makes the entire experience thrilling. The growing trend of visiting a casino online means that gamblers now have an avenue to play at the same amount and intensity they are used to— anonymously.

It is the beauty of virtual casinos: anyone can play their favorite games without social stigma. Nobody sees the player’s clothing and gait (which often dictates the “value” of a player in the eyes of opponents in real-life casinos).

Different Kinds of Online Casino Players

Like every game and profession, people carry defining traits and personalities. Veteran players can almost immediately identify these features.

Have you assessed yourself in this regard? Even within the virtual world, it’s possible to cold-read someone based on how they react and move.

You can take advantage of this knowledge and use it to enhance your gaming experience. It’s crucial to assess the kind of player you project, and you’ll likely find yourself identifying with one or two of the characters on our list below.

The Newbie

This category covers everyone who enters a casino online for the first time. They are figuring things out and, unless they’re extremely lucky, will probably be losing more than winning. It is all right—it’s a Herculean feat to beat the house, and a beginner is the last person likely to accomplish it.

If you identify with this character, practice makes perfect. Be sure you don’t spend your money too quickly. Mastering two to three games (or even one) is much more productive than trying everything at once.

Talk less if you’re sitting on card tables and research the games you’re playing before taking the dive. The beauty of virtual gaming is that people don’t see your nervous fidgets, so take advantage of your anonymity and observe the game’s nuances well.

The Unbelievably Lucky Unicorn

This one is what most gamblers aspire to be: a high roller who coasts on dumb luck. It’s challenging to determine if you’re a lucky person or merely experiencing a short winning streak, so here’s what you should ask yourself: “How clear-cut and frequent are my wins?”

Unless you’re one of these elusive creatures, you may find difficulty in spotting them. They can join any table or play any game and earn the coveted prize pot. Veterans (which we’ll discuss shortly) identify these folks with ease.

The Veteran

This player has been on the tables for several years, with thousands of credits sitting in their web accounts. They have often tried different casinos online and are vastly knowledgeable about countless gambling pastimes. They’re also aware of which game providers have the most profitable slot machines.

Veterans have studied the games, and the best thing that newbies can do is learn from them. This is especially true when dealing with unscrupulous casino providers.

Many of these veterans are also active in online forums. A quick Google search on a particular company or gambling game can often yield answers that good-hearted veterans have left behind.

The Professional

What’s the difference between The Professional and The Veteran? A Professional may have the same skills, experiences, knowledge, and exposure that a Veteran has, while a Veteran may not.

The Professional has reached such astronomical levels of online gambling mastery that he can afford to gamble almost full-time. Many of these experts earn a living out of gambling. This is no longer a hobby for them; it’s a lifestyle.

Professionals live and breathe online gambling as a career, and they are good at it.

The Less Popular Online Casino Players

As we delve deep into the mind of virtual gambling enthusiasts who like to play on apps such as, it’s helpful to look at the industry’s fringes. Scattered throughout gaming platforms are many folks who aren’t getting much media coverage but are a great case study of the casino player mindset.

The Free-Only Player

Free-only players (FOPs) comprise the majority of risk-avoidant players who still manage to find themselves on a gambling platform, despite a supposed lack of interest. Maybe it’s boredom that pushes them into visiting online casino territories or the desire to try something new.

The primary difference between free-only players and newbies is straightforward: unless it’s a free spin or a trial table game, FOPs will not be playing.

The FOP approach is ideal for those dipping their toes, but it comes with no rewards. A no-deposit bonus can only get you so far.

The Unlucky Donkey

If there’s a lucky unicorn, there’s an unlucky donkey. These souls are not made for gambling, online or otherwise. Some learn the ropes quickly but never seem to succeed.

The unlucky donkey has a predetermined fate: endless losing streaks and empty pockets.

Everybody has their unlucky day or week. If you’re playing and you feel that this just isn’t your time, take a break and reconsider. If the downward streak continues, you probably have to accept that gambling isn’t for you.

The Lost Cause

Darkest of all is the Lost Cause. These people chase loss after loss in the hope of a milestone victory. They have an irresistible drive to continue, even when they run out of money to bet.

If you feel this kind of urge, stop immediately, and get some help. Open up to friends and family to ease your addiction—it is time to restore meaning and purpose to your life. You will need to develop other hobbies to wean off your mobile device and divert your focus to more life-reaffirming pursuits.

Coins and Characters

Participating in a casino online is a way to discover more about yourself. You may even pick up skills that you could apply to real-life situations. Besides the fun and excitement that virtual casinos provide, it also opens doors for career opportunities or side-hustles.

Just remember to gauge what kind of online casino player you are and act accordingly. Use this insight to your advantage when you see other players exhibiting certain traits. It will enhance your chances of the right moves to win.

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