Apex Legends’ Anniversary Collection Event Has Begun

Respawn Entertainment has a lot of exciting activities planned for Apex Legends players this year. Not only has Season 8 started, but the hero shooter battle royale is also celebrating its 2nd anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, Apex Legends’ second Anniversary Collection event has recently launched, making it the first event for this new season.

As soon as you log into the game, you’ll immediately receive three Bangalore stat trackers that will also showcase the first concept art for the character. Not only that, but you’ll get a 2nd anniversary badge as well. Naturally, you might notice that several changes have been made to Apex Legends. For one thing, there’s the Anniversary Collection challenges that you’ll want to complete for the duration of this event.

In addition to that, there’s a new limited-time game mode as well as special and exclusive offers over at the in-game shop. You can already start participating in the event’s activities, and can continue to do so until February 23, which is when it’s expected to end.


As expected, this year’s Apex Legends Anniversary Collection event has new cosmetics. The best part about this is the fact that this a new addition to the Collection events, which means that all of the limited-time cosmetics in Apex Legends can be acquired through the use of crafting metals, Apex Coins, or even Event Apex Packs.

This will actually be the first time that cosmetics from Collection events can be unlocked with crafting metals. With this, Apex Legends players will be given the chance to obtain the Anniversary skins without having to spend a single cent. Even though the cosmetics for this year’s Anniversary Collection simply contain a lot of recolored skins, they still look pretty good. Most of the skins now have a classy red and gold color scheme.

You have a variety of skins to choose from for this year’s Anniversary event. Specifically, there are 12 Legendary skins, 6 epic skins, and 6 weapon skins that you can obtain. What’s more, if you manage to unlock every cosmetic item, you will be given 150 Heirloom Shards. Respawn Entertainment only offering you Heirloom Shards this time around is great because it allows you to choose whichever character Heirloom you want.

Asides from earning Heirloom Shards as a reward, the Anniversary Collection event will feature extended challenges. As a matter of fact, these challenges will run for 12 whole weeks, with achievements such as “Deal 3333 damage with the Mozambique” or “Win once with eight different legends.”

Understandably, you’d need to grind a lot in order to achieve these, but they’re not impossible to do, especially since you’ll have 12 weeks to try. Besides, successfully completing these challenges will earn you a weapon charm as well as rare badges.

Sadly, Nintendo Switch users who plan to play the free-to-play first-person battle royale won’t be able to join in this year’s Anniversary festivities, given the fact that the event will conclude on February 23 and the Nintendo Switch port won’t launch until March 9.

On the bright side, interested Nintendo Switch players might still be able to participate in the extended challenges if they want to. A Caustic Town Takeover is expected to take place immediately after the Anniversary Collection event too, so new players can look forward to that instead.

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