Apex Legends Anniversary Event Extended Because of Login Issues

Respawn Entertainment’s hit battle royale Apex Legends celebrates its second anniversary this month, and festivities started with the Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event last February 9. Players have been able to obtain time-limited cosmetics including 12 Legendary skins, and the event was set to end today, February 23. However, the development team announced a few hours ago that the event will now run until March 2, 2021.

A post on the official Twitter account of Apex Legends states, “We heard some of you need more time to collect your Anniversary rewards,” so the development team is keeping the festivities going for another week.

However, Twitter account Apex Legends News; the battle royale-focused branch of news site Dexerto; implies this event extension might be more directly linked to login problems currently being investigated.


A few hours ago, Respawn Entertainment’s official Twitter account shared that it rolled out an update for Apex Legends fixing stability problems and the emergence of “grey, untextured hand models” on various consoles.

However, the post says the developers are still investigating problems that are stopping some players from logging in. Given reports of the game suffering connection issues and server lag since the beginning of Season 8, this isn’t really surprising.

Login and connectivity problems are not the only issues that have haunted Apex legends in the past few weeks. Another update was released last February 10 to address an issue with the Anniversary Collection Event’s heirloom pack resetting. Players who were afflicted by the glitch were given Apex Packs as compensation the following week.


There are other rampant issues in the battle royale not directly related to the second-anniversary celebrations, too. Another massively reported bug has been preventing players from looting death boxes from dead enemies, meaning players cannot obtain items as a reward for their efforts. Game balance is also a long-running issue for the development team, as lead game designer Daniel Klein recently talked about the challenges of balancing the Legend Caustic.

In spite of these existing issues, a lot of players will certainly be excited to get another week’s worth of time to possibly unlock more Anniversary Collection Event cosmetics. Such an event literally comes once a year, after all, and the diversity of skins for weapons and characters provide a nice way to show one’s loyalty to Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale.

However, Apex Legends will be launching on the Nintendo Switch after this event ends even with this extension, so anyone wanting to play the game on the hybrid console will have to wait another year to get any anniversary item.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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