Apex Legends Officially Reveals Newest Legend for Season 8

Apex Legends recently released the newest chapter in the franchise’s Stories From the Outlands short film series, which confirms what many leaks have been saying: one of Salvo’s experts will be the next Legend to join the game’s roster of playable characters. He’s expected to officially appear in-game once Apex Legends Season 8 launches this February 2.

Like the other short films introducing new characters, Fuse’s “Good as Gold” cinematic reveals his backstory, highlighting his past with not only explosives, but his best friend who calls him “Wally.” Fuse and his best friend were both Salvo freedom fighters during their youth so that they could get away from the Syndicate—this is basically who organizes the Apex Games.

The duo had been through so much together, as they heedlessly blew up government oppressors while jamming to 80s rock. However, as time passed, their once incorruptible friendship began to break slowly until it eventually came crashing down.

At that point, Fuse spent more time participating in Salvo’s fighting pits rather than with his best friend doing the usual skirmishes. The breaking point of the pair’s friendship came when Salvo announced that it would join the Syndicate and that Fuse would participate in the Apex Games.

Fuse and his best friend had an argument, which resulted in Fuse losing an arm due to his former partner-in-crime throwing a grenade in fury.

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Once Fuse officially joins Apex Legends, he will be tagged as the 16th Legend to join Respawn Entertainment’s first-person battle royale. What makes him so distinguishable from the rest is the fact that Fuse utilizes explosive munitions—makes sense, given his name.

While the four-minute “Good as Gold” cinematic trailer didn’t really expound on Fuse’s abilities, some dataminers have already dug up what could possibly be his ultimate and tactical abilities. A few days ago, dataminer SomeoneWhoLeaks shared a clip that showcases what they claim is Fuse’s ultimate ability called The Motherlode.

From what we can see from the clip, the ability has Fuse shooting out a bomb that not only deals about 70 damage upon explosion, but it also leaves behind a ring of fire that will go away over time. This ring of fire, however, can inflict 60 additional damage if enemy players are exposed to it for too long.

Asides from The Motherlode, Fuse allegedly has a tactical ability called Airburst Grenade. After what happened at the end of his dedicated cinematic trailer, Fuse will be joining Apex Legends with a robotic right arm. Now, according to animation files that have been leaked in the past, this robotic arm appears to be rigged with what looks like a grenade launcher.

That being said, Respawn Entertainment has also announced another addition to the game alongside the Salvo rebel. The 30-30 Repeater, which is Fuse’s most popular weapon of choice, is going to be available in-game as the first lever-action rifle.


Among other things, Apex Legends Season 8 will also offer over 100 new items for the upcoming Mayhem Battle Pass. Also, as previously announced, King’s Canyon has finally returned to the map rotation for a limited time only, but Apex Legends’ first map will be receiving a couple of changes in order to accommodate Fuse and his explosive entrance to the world of Apex Legends.

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