Players of the hit Viking game “Valheim,” read on. You are in for a special treat!

Apple welcomes “Valheim” today, June 10th, as the game launches on Mac, Steam, and the App Store. 

The upcoming survival and sandbox video game, which also recently released the highly anticipated Ashlands update, recently announced on X that it will launch with complete crossplay support between the various versions.

Here’s the official statement from @Valheimgame on X: “We have an announcement for you this fine Tuesday! #Valheim is coming to Mac, and it’s happening next week! (emoji) There will, of course, be full crossplay support.”

“Valheim’s” X account also attached a photo laying out the game’s art with the logo of Apple. 

However, the game’s developer did not release any information about which Mac devices “Valheim” will run on, such as if gamers need a Mac equipped with Apple M1 or M2, or whether the older Intel models will be compatible with the game. 

What’s very certain is that “Valheim” is coming to both Apple’s App Store and Steam. This is good news for those who already own the survival and sandbox game on Steam, as you won’t need to purchase the game again on Apple’s platform. 

“Valheim’s” X account also interacted with the community, which posted questions and clarifications about the announcement. The developers noted they will not support Mac mods. They haven’t technically been supporting mods on any platform, they added.

Of course, the gaming community is hyped about this news. The post had already garnered more than 97,000 views as of press time.

“That’s surprising! Who would have thought that ‘Valheim’ would come to Mac before PlayStation? (emoji),” X netizen @SurvivalGN was perplexed. 

Others, meanwhile, shared memes about the announcement. 

Some others, like @playtocinama, are thinking in advance. They said, “Apple Vision Pro 2 Valheim Edition.”

We can’t blame them as “Valheim” on Apple Vision Pro 2 is really exciting. 

“Yo, that’s actually amazing news!!!” said @ogeekaz

Another X netizen, @RealFrozz, felt sad as they don’t own a Mac but said they are happy for those who do. 

“You make me so happy! I was literally going to order a gaming PC today because I want to play Valheim. Thank you sooo much (emoji),” said @buggy_robot

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“Valheim” is an upcoming survival and sandbox game from Iron Gate, a Swedish developer. Exploring an open-world setting, gamers play in a third-person perspective, portraying the role of fallen Vikings. These Vikings must craft tools, construct shelters, and defeat enemies to survive. 

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