This solid cup holder phone mount from the APPS2Car brand is now sold with a 23 percent discount when you shop for this product on Amazon. 

It is the perfect phone mount you need when you are using your phone while driving on the road. Here are the features you will love about this phone accessory. 

The APPS2Car cup phone holder for car is made with a sturdy heavy-duty base for ultra stability and designed with an adjustable solid arm for optimal viewing angle. These features ensure you are safe while driving. It is a suitable product for commercial vehicles, businesses, trucks, SUVs, boats, golf cars, and so much more. 

It comes from the brand APPS2Car. APPS2Car is a leading designer and manufacturer of in-car infotainment products. This brand aims to secure its customers with a reliable yet playful driving experience they have never had before. With this phone mount, you can safely use your phone to check your messages or view your social media feeds even when you are on the road. 

According to APPS2Car, they do not design their products based solely on market preference. Rather, they develop tools and products from what they pursue and customers’ feedback based on real-life requirements and expectations for a brand new in-car accessory. 

Made from durable plastic and a sturdy expandable base, this cup phone holder can securely lock inside cars, trucks, pickups, SUVs, and many other vehicles.

Steadily standing up from 8.46 inches to 10.57 inches, you can easily adjust it to whatever height is preferred for a clear view while driving, even on a bumpy road.

The open bottom tray design provides access to effortless charging, which supports long-time navigation and radio listening while on the road.

It also features a ball-shape pivot, so this car cell phone holder can be smoothly swiveled in 360 degrees at any angle, which is great for hands-free viewing, streaming, and calling.

Plus, its one-button release feature allows you to attach and detach your smartphone in seconds, which is simple to use at any time and could save time during travel.

Covered with rubber pads on the clamps, the phone cradle mount can firmly grip over the phone with soft rubber and effectively protect it from slipping off and scratches.

Product Dimensions: 8.9 by 3.94 by 3.07 inches 

Product Weight: 12.8 ounces

One of the customers who like this product is Jim G. He reviewed on Amazon how the base is adjustable to fit all size holders with just a twist of a knob. He said he bought two, one for his car and the other for his truck. He also noted how the product is well-made and very affordable.

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