Ariana Grande Getting A Fortnite Skin Via In-Game Concert

Big-name musicians have performed in Fortnite’s in-game concerts before. Travis Scott, Deadmau5, DJ Marshmello, and other artists have performed at Fortnite concerts. Ariana Grande has signed up for the Rift Tour, which kicks off on August 6th, and she’ll be putting her own skin in the game.

The Rift Tour was announced on August 29th, and players will be able to win in-game goods and XP by completing objectives related to the concert. This three-day musical extravaganza will take place fully in-game, beginning August 6th and ending August 8th. Players will not only be able to see the musicians perform in-game, but they will also be able to win gifts, including an Ariana Grande skin. However, it appears that the dazzling diamond Ariana Grande skin will only be available to one user: the singer herself.


Ariana Grande shared an early glimpse of her Fortnite attire for the performance on Instagram today, which is a unique skin featuring the singer’s characteristic high ponytail. Grande added a brief video of her in-game appearance in her post, and everything from her eyes to the heels of her glittering boots is gleaming. The entire ensemble appears to be made of enormous diamonds that reflect every hue of the rainbow.

There’s also a second Grande-only skin, which shows the singer in a dazzling, sequined skirt and tank top combo, as well as a white and purple high ponytail. This outfit’s video features a cute dancing piggyback bling backpack that moves to the beat of the song, which is a lovely touch.

While users will be able to obtain Ariana’s light and dark skins in the game, it appears that the singer will only wear the jeweled variants. Starting August 4th, 2021, Ariana’s two skins, a pink costume, and a purple outfit will be available for VBucks in the Fortnite eshop. Although pricing has yet to be announced, it appears that these will be part of the Icon series. Traditionally, Icon skins have been priced as follows:

  • The skin costs 1500 VBucks.
  • The skin and accessories cost 2800 VBucks.

The Ariana Grande skins will most likely only be available for a limited time and will not be accessible in the Fortnite store again. As a result, if players want the look, they’ll have to obtain it while the concert is still going on, or they’ll never get it. Fortnite gamers should save the date for the concert series if they’re interested in the performance or cosmetics.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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