Ark 2 Featuring Vin Diesel Revealed At The Game Awards 2020

It’s an exciting night for the video game industry as the annual Game Awards is not only announcing the winners for major categories, but fans are also witnessing the debut of trailers and all kinds of announcements as well.

The new digital event has revealed other major high-quality announcements including Sephiroth joining the already massive roster of Super Smash Bros Ultimate to some newer undisclosed games such as Back 4 Blood by Turtle Rock Studio which is inspired by the hit multiplayer shooting game Left 4 Dead. Studio Wildcard, the developers of Ark: Survival Evolved, also had a shocking revelation of their own thanks to a surprising appearance by a Hollywood celebrity.

The new trailer for Ark 2 featured more of what fans loved about the original game, humans fighting it out with dinosaurs, various prehistoric creatures, as well as several original and legendary monsters as well. Although the debut trailer was mostly CG, it appears to contain a lot of familiar components while outing a better focus on its storytelling as well.

However, perhaps the bigger surprise came right at the beginning before the logo of the game was shown. Vin Diesel, a highly acclaimed Hollywood actor involved in multiple film franchises such as Pitch Black and Fast & Furious, appeared in the trailer as the lead character in a clan of characters. Soon enough, his tribe gets attacked by a group of monsters which Vin Diesel’s character, Santiago, is forced to fend off. To make things worse, the clash gets interrupted by vicious dinosaurs.

Vin Diesel’s character was ultimately able to ward off the attacking monsters as well as avoid the hungry dinosaurs by escaping into what seems to be the safety of a cave system. Rather, the large room unveils a bunch of futuristic devices laying around similar to Horizon Zero Dawn.

The room apparently glows like its powering up, mixing the gadgets with stone pillars holding primitive drawings. Obviously familiar with the technology, Vin Diesel inputs a code into the Genesis System interface powering it down for the time being.

The announcement of the sequel as well as the unveiling of Vin Diesel’s character Santiago was just the beginning for Studio Wildcard. Following the surprising trailer for Ark 2, the developers announced another trailer for Ark: The Animated Series.

The animated series showcased several actors involved with the new project such as Malcolm McDowell, Karl Urban, Russel Crowe, Gerald Butler, and a lot more. Not much detail was revealed about the new project yet aside from the fact that it will be focusing on Helena’s backstory.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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