Atlus Hints At A Persona 5 Arena Release For The Game’s 25th Anniversary

Atlus will commemorate the Persona series’ 25th anniversary later this year. The first Persona game was released on the PlayStation 1 25 years ago this September, and Atlus has already teased that they have “exciting” plans in store for the occasion. A subliminal hint may have been dropped that a Persona 5 Arena battle game will be released as part of the celebrations.

Atlus has renewed a variety of website addresses that were about to expire, according to Persona Central. PERSONA8.JP, PERSONA9.JP, and PERSONA10.JP were all renewed, but the URLs P5AG.JP, P3D.JP, P5D.JP, and 13C.JP were not. The P3D.JP and P5D.JP websites were not renewed when the PERSONA-DANCE.JP portal was running.


One odd-looking URL, on the other hand, was renewed until the end of April next year. The domain is for P5U.JP, which are the initials for the Persona Arena games produced by Arc System Works in Japan. In the Land of the Rising Sun, Persona 4 Arena was known as P4U, and the discovery of this website has ignited rumors that a Persona 5 battle game is in the works.

With just a few weeks before E3, it’s possible that we’ll hear more about the Persona 25th Anniversary celebrations at that time. SEGA, Atlus’ parent organization, has announced that it will be present at the legendary gaming convention, which is returning this year as a digital-only affair.


Alternatively, Atlus might hold a separate event before the big birthday to confirm its Persona anniversary plans. Kazuhisa Wada, the owner of Persona 4 Arena, hinted at some “exciting” preparations for the forthcoming anniversary at the end of last year.

“We are secretly focusing on our campaigns,” said the Persona Dancing manager and founder of Persona 5 Royal when asked what Persona fans might expect in 2021. “Thanks to your help, the ‘Persona’ series is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year!” Please keep an eye out for some fun plans we’ve got in the works!” he added.

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