Azur Lane: Crosswave Gets February 2021 Release on Nintendo Switch

Azur Lane fans will be thrilled to know that Idea Factory International has confirmed the official release date of the Nintendo Switch version of Azur Lane: Crosswave. Both physical and digital editions of the game will be released. In fact, players can now go ahead and add the title to their wishlist on the publisher’s North American storefront.

Azur Lane: Crosswave received a PC via Steam release in the past as well as on the PlayStation 4. Since its release, the title launched multiple DLCs introducing different individual characters, although players could also get them by bundles.

That being said, Idea Factory has yet to reveal if the game’s Nintendo Switch port will already contain all the DLC characters or if they need to be bought separately first. Fortunately, the publisher confirmed that more will be revealed soon, so let’s cross our fingers that the next announcement will answer all our questions.

What makes Azur Lane: Crosswave stand out is the fact that it consists of cute characters that personify different battleships from across the globe. Described on the Nintendo Switch eShop as a “high-octane 3D action shooter,” the game divides the world into four different nations, namely Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Iron Blood, and the Sakura Empire.

Of course, every single one of these nations has been hard at work trying to win a victory for their respective realms. During their training exercises, however, a Joint Military Exercise was declared.

The Joint Military Excercise chooses a representative from each nation, which meant that the different areas would have to train even more than they already do. As players progress through Azur Lane: Crosswave, players will soon discover the cause for this exercise and whether or not there were secret agendas behind the scenes.

Before the start of a battle, players will be able to equip their chosen character with different items, or perhaps craft a variety of things at Akashi’s Laboratory. Deciding on which gear to use is a crucial part of the game, as equipping the right gear could lead players to victory.

As such, commanders have the ability to obtain new gear in exchange for blueprints, earn rewards, and even convert particular materials into rate items.


Another reason why Azur Lane: Crosswave garnered a bit of attention is most likely because of its graphics that make the characters look like adorable anime girls. There are different modes available for players to choose from, each one offering vastly different gameplay.

Namely, there’s the Story, Extreme Battle, Photo, or Episode Mode. As expected, the Story mode has different intense chapters for players to go through one by one; the Extreme Battle mode consists of over 100 battles that give players the opportunity to earn rare as well as special items; Episode mode consists of more than 50 episodes that help players learn more about each character; while Photo mode is a fun and casual feature wherein players get to pose and take pictures of the characters.

Azur Lane: Crosswave’s Nintendo Switch port is scheduled to launch next year in February 2021, but players who aren’t able to wait until then can go ahead and purchase the game on either Steam or PS4.

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