Back 4 Blood Announces New Playable Character

Back 4 Blood, the multiplayer zombie game from Warner Bros., has received a new trailer. “Meet the Cleaners” is the title of the new trailer, which is voiced by Holly, one of the game’s playable characters. Holly offers interested players a brief overview of each playable character in Back 4 Blood, as well as detail on a few terrifying versions of The Ridden.

Back 4 Blood’s numerous “cleaners,” which literally specialize at converting Ridden aberrations into a mush, will be recognizable to fans who have been following the shooter’s trailers. There are a total of eight playable cleaners, each with its own set of strengths and disadvantages to consider when putting together a squad.

The Meet the Cleaners trailer neatly explains the benefits that such characters can bring to teams. Despite Holly’s mention of each cleaner’s job, players would most likely discover which cleaners are best suited to play styles until they get their hands on the game.


Walker is the first, and he seems to be a typical assault rifle customer. He increases the team’s damage and wellbeing, and his accuracy improves as he kills Back 4 Blood’s Ridden more precisely. In the trailer, there’s even Doc, who wields knives and handguns.

She improves team healing effectiveness, trauma resilience, and low-health healing in general. Karlee appears to be a scout, wielding an SMG. She can see potential problems until they become a problem, and she gives the team a few pace boosts.

Jim and Hoffman, of course, play the roles of sniper and service, respectively. Jim increases his damage by making precise kills and assisting other cleaners in maximizing damage to Ridden weak points. Hoffman needs to make sure that everyone has enough ammunition and weapons. In Back 4 Blood, combining his abilities with some complimentary buff cards can prevent players from hearing the dreadful click of an empty magazine.

Evangelo, a young buck survivalist, Mom, a trash-talking caretaker with a shotgun, and Holly herself, who busts up zombies with a baseball bat full of nails affectionately called “Dottie,” round out the squad of cleaners. When the game first comes out, Mom may be the most common choice out of the three. She has an automatic restore power and an extra life for any team member who is knocked out too soon.

Whatever four-player squad you pick, you’ll face frightening Ridden like the Breaker, Ogre, Snitcher, and Hag. These villains will use various combat techniques, and players may need to be well-versed in their arsenals in order to effectively compete with hordes of Snitcher acolytes or incoming Ogre “meatballs.” The good news is that during Back 4 Blood’s open beta phase this summer, potential players will have some time to figure out how all of these gameplay elements mesh together.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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