Back 4 Blood Solo Offline Progression To Be Added Next Month

Back 4 Blood’s main advantage over prior co-op shooters like Left 4 Dead is its live-service support and multiple levels of progression. Players of Left 4 Dead already play the same material week after week, so it’s only natural to reward them and provide new experiences to keep them coming back for more. Back 4 Blood, on the other hand, does not cover all of the ways in which Left 4 Dead fans want to play. These growth methods, in particular, are inaccessible to lone players. However, starting in December, that will change.

Back 4 Blood developer Turtle Rock has released a roadmap for the game’s near future, detailing plans for updates in November and December, as well as more general ambitions for 2022. Solo play is one of the most interesting bullet points listed for December’s updates. Turtle Rock intends to integrate solo offline play with campaign progression, which is a significant departure from Back 4 Blood’s current offline solo play concept.


Back 4 Blood’s solo play has been separate from the game’s advancement systems since its introduction. That implies no Supply Points, no stat tracking, and no Accomplishment progress. Instead of having access to a variety of stuff that online players gain via achievement and challenge, which was satisfying in its own right, it effectively segregated multiplayer and solo into two separate experiences with no real overlap.

It’s unclear what Turtle Rock has planned for the future release. However, “campaign progression” can refer to a variety of things. If taken literally, the addition of “campaign progression” suggests that solo play will be completely separate from online multiplayer and its progression systems. Instead, it would lead to a new, distinct advancement route. Players of Back 4 Blood will most certainly want something more serious, such as a mechanism to earn Supply Points. Turtle Rock, on the other hand, might not be happy with that.

To Turtle Rock’s credit, it admitted early on that the solo options in Back 4 Blood were frustrating. Turtle Rock “heard your frustrations,” according to a tweet on October 8, and the team was “discussing options to address the issue.” Turtle Rock has been planning and working on the December update for months.

Back 4 Blood fans looking for fresh content will be pleased to learn that there will be more than solo mode adjustments in December. Turtle Rock will also be introducing new card types, Supply Lines to move through, a practice area, and even a seasonal event. The Tunnels of Terror extension, which will provide a more substantial content update, is tentatively scheduled for release in 2022.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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