Battlefield Mobile First Gameplay Video Trailer Released

Hardcore shooter fans may be anticipating the release of Battlefield 2042 later this year for their fix of furious multiplayer action, but Battlefield 2042 isn’t the only Battlefield shooter on the way. Battlefield Mobile, a handheld edition of the iconic shooter game slated for release in 2022, is also in the works at Electronic Arts. Battlefield Mobile has been kept under wraps by EA, but the game’s first pictures were released as part of a statement about planned international playtests.

In an update to the game’s Google Play profile, four images for Battlefield Mobile were published, along with the news of forthcoming playtests. The four screenshots depict various features that will be included in Battlefield Mobile.

Naturally, the first is “Competitive Gameplay.” “Unique Classes with Exclusive Heroes” is the second. Then comes “Massive Arsenal,” which refers to automobiles. Finally, and maybe unexpectedly, “Large-scale Battles, Large-scale Destruction” appears.



Each of the four pictures depicts a portion of Battlefield Mobile gameplay that corresponds to the description. The first screenshot depicts at least four separate players on the screen, all of whom are engaged in active shooting.

A menu displaying four Battlefield Mobile specialist classes, as well as the player’s loadout of primary weapon, sidearm, grenade, and other equipment selections, is seen in the second screenshot. The third and fourth screenshots depict a tank in action. The fourth, on the other hand, demonstrates Battlefield Mobile’s destructible surroundings.

The pictures were part of a statement for forthcoming Battlefield Mobile playtests, as previously stated. Unfortunately, it looks like EA intends to start testing Battlefield Mobile in non-US regions. Indonesia and the Philippines will be the only countries participating in the initial playtests.

They’ll only be available on Android and will begin in the autumn. EA will extend the scale of the testing as they continue, bringing them to new locations. Expect a bigger announcement when Battlefield Mobile is set to launch in the United States and other key territories.

Other than that, not much is known about Battlefield Mobile, its gameplay, or its general style and setting. The screenshots appear to indicate that the game is set in the present day, with suitable clothes, weaponry, and vehicles. As previously announced, Battlefield Mobile will include only one map, Grand Bazaar, and one game style, Conquest.

With Battlefield Mobile playtests coming shortly, it’ll only be a matter of time until interested mobile players get to experience lots of in-game action. Battlefield fans will then be able to see how many players may join a match, what matchmaking options are available, and how destructible those destructible areas are.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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