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You must already know that development and maintenance are two important facets of software. While the software development part focuses on the creation of new applications within a specified time, the software maintenance part deals with the management and maintenance tasks after the application is complete and functioning. For the latter, ITIL is seen as an important framework. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or ITIL, is the world’s leading framework for managing IT service delivery. According to the service lifecycle model defined by ITIL, a precise set of processes and activities are required so as to design, create, deploy and support IT services. 

Learning about ITIL is a must if you want to start a career in the IT Service Management (ITSM) field. People are often seen taking ITIL training to build a strong foundation in using this framework and increase their marketability against their peers. Whether you are preparing for ITIL certification or just want to gain expertise in this subject, an online training course is worth it. There are a couple of reliable online training providers that offer high-quality study materials and allow learners to follow the course in the comfort of their homes. 

Do you need more reasons so as to make a firm decision regarding enrolling in an ITIL training course? Well, read this article where we have listed down five important benefits of pursuing an ITIL certification course. 

Benefits of Pursuing an ITIL Certification Course Online

Here are some of the top benefits of the ITIL certification course.

Increases your odds of clearing the ITIL Foundation exam 

Though self-study is always an option available to you, it is better to enroll in a training program and learn from industry experts. This is because you are pursuing an ITIL certificate for your career growth, and more than self-study may be required. With a training course, you will be able to cover all the topics mentioned in the exam syllabus and increase your probability of cracking the ITIL Foundation exam in a single try. 

Get important tips and tricks 

Usually, the trainers conducting the online classes for the ITIL course are themselves certification holders and are aware of the tips and tricks that work while appearing for the ITIL exam. They can, thus, share those tips with the learners and teach them how to manage time for each question so that they do not leave any question unattempted due to time constraints. 

Reinforce your learning with mock tests

Reliable online training providers also offer mock tests that give you the look and feel of the actual exam. By attempting such time-bound simulation exams, you will understand how much time you are actually taking to solve a question and whether it should be improved or not. The performance on mock tests can further help you track the domains on which you are strong and that need more focus. Thus, you can appear for the actual exam with better confidence and time management skills. 

Build a strong foundation in ITIL 

Many people are not familiar with the terminology and concepts covered under the ITIL framework. If you want to clear the ITIL Foundation exam, you should have sound knowledge of how modern IT and digital service organizations operate, how value streams can increase speed and efficiency and how cultural principles guide work that benefits the wider organization.

For this, AXELOS recommends ITIL training courses run by accredited training organizations in a variety of formats. So, when you enroll in an AXELOS-accredited course, you can be sure that it follows the standards defined by the certification body and helps you build a strong foundation in ITIL. Moreover, if any changes are introduced by AXELOS for the ITIL Foundation exam, those will be reflected in the syllabus of the course offered by the accredited training partner. 

Explore a number of career options

As an ITIL certification holder, you will be able to explore a number of job opportunities, including IT support engineer, service delivery analyst, release manager, incident manager, service desk manager, IT service delivery manager, and ITIL trainer. Based on your prior experience, you can choose the right career path. An ITIL certification course will demonstrate that you are serious about pursuing a career in IT service management and have undergone step-by-step guidance through AXELOS accredited training partner. This will increase your credibility and put you ahead of your peers. 

Looking at all the reasons above, wouldn’t you also like to try enrolling in an online ITIL certification course? The field of IT service management is here to stay, and you need to develop the right skills in order to survive in the highly competitive job market. So build a strong foundation in ITIL with the right training course and watch your career flourish. 

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