Best and Biggest Announcements from The Game Awards 2020

While The Game Awards is mainly focused on giving out awards to the best games of the year, the showcase has also become popular for its shocking reveals and announcements. Similar to E3, The Game Awards showcases various major “World Premieres” where publishers and developers from the video gaming industry reveal their upcoming games or flaunt new trailers for their recently announced endeavors.

This year’s The Game Awards consisted of several massive and shocking revelations which included new crossover content arriving in Fortnite, the next DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, new gameplay reveals, and a few shocking trailers.

Here are the best and biggest announcements from the recently concluded The Game Awards 2020:

Mass Effect

There were a lot of speculated games expected to be featured on The Game Awards 2020, but no one absolutely expected to see anything from the new Mass Effect game. While most fans assumed that Dragon Age 4 would be BioWare’s only contribution to the event, the highly acclaimed studio shocked everyone with the first look at the new Mass Effect game.

Looking at the trailer, it appears that Liara T’Soni will play a critical role in the game’s story, and could very well even be a controllable character if rumors are to believed. However, this is just pure speculation at this time, and Mass Effect fans will likely have to wait a long time before they get to learn more information about the upcoming game.


Most of the big Fortnite announcements were leaked online ahead of The Game Awards, but not all of them. During the event, Epic Games confirmed that the recently leaked Halo content would truly be arriving to the hit battle royale title such as the Blood Gulch map and a new playable character in the form of Master Chief. Aside from this, players were also informed that a Red vs. Blue skit highlighting the new Halo content coming to the game that even featured special participation from Ninja himself.

However, the Fortnite surprises did not end there, though. It was also verified that the game will have a crossover with The Walking Dead TV series by making Michonne and Daryl as playable characters.


Developer Housemarque is popular for its small scale bullet hell games, but they are planning to change this with Returnal. The game looks to be an ambitious project that the developer has talked about to date which combines horror, sci-fi, and action elements to create a video game that is truly one of a kind.

The Game Awards audiences weren’t just treated to a Returnal gameplay trailer as the developers also announced its launch date. As expected, Returnal is releasing sooner than expected, with the game hitting store shelves on March 19, 2021, as a PS5 exclusive.

Evil Dead

For a long time now, Bruce Campbell has been speculated to be reprising his role as Ash from Evil Dead in the hit fighting game Mortal Kombat 11. However, this has never come to pass, but this doesn’t mean players won’t get to take the role of Ash in a video game. The new Evil Dead game appears to be a 4-player coop of some kind where players battle it out against waves of undead, with Ash being one of the playable characters.

Ark 2

One of the more perplexing moments of The Game Awards was when the new Ark 2 game was revealed, with the game evidently featuring renowned movie actor Vin Diesel in a primary role. The Ark 2 announcement was pretty unanticipated, but what was arguably more unanticipated was the revelation of an upcoming Ark animated series.

The Ark Animated Series is set to launch in 2022, and it is arriving with an impressive all-star voice cast including Michelle Yeoh, Gerald Butler, Elliot Page, and more.

Crimson Desert

The Game Awards 2020 featured a lot of teasers, however, it also showcased a few gameplay trailers as well. One of the most monumental was for Crimson Desert’s gameplay, which seemed like a medieval fantasy version of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, with jaw-dropping realistic visuals, dragons, and a lot more.

Crimson Desert’s remarkable gameplay trailer left fans talking, and it will surely be exciting to hear more about the game next year.

Dragon Age 4

Developer BioWare pledged that they would be giving details about Dragon Age 4 come to The Game Awards live event, and they did deliver that promise. While no gameplay footage was provided at the show, fans were provided another cinematic trailer, which ended with a validation that Solas will be a part of the new game.

The Callisto Protocol

From the creator of Dead Space, Glen Scofield’s Striking Distance Studios disclosed one of the most promising-looking titles during the recently concluded The Game Awards 2020 in the form of The Callisto Protocol.

Obviously intended to be a spiritual sequel to the endeared Dead Space series, The Callisto Protocol is set in the future, in the year 2320 on one of Jupiter’s moon – Callisto. The game is a single-player, third-person survival horror game that will supposedly feature some rather horrible monsters that players will encounter.

Schofield revealed that he and his team’s goal is to create the most horrifying game made for the consoles and PC, and players will find out if they succeeded one the game releases in 2022.

Perfect Dark

A few years ago, Microsoft put together a dream team of developers to create what was dubbed as an AAAA game. Speculations have emerged about what the game was for years, and not it has been officially revealed.

The Initiative is developing a new Perfect Dark game which will be set in a futuristic world overrun by environmental calamities. The cinematic trailer affirmed the title of the game as well as the return of the heroine Joanna Dark, but gamers will have to wait a little bit longer for a more considerable look at what the new Perfect Dark game has to offer.

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