Best and Rarest icons In League of Legends

In League of Legends, you can customize your profile by using the rarest league icons. League of Legends has more than 100 million players, each with its own profile.

To obtain league icons, players can either purchase them or complete game quests. Finding the one particular avatar to use in your profile can be difficult at times, particularly when the set is constantly changing.

The icon scheme is a surefire way to demonstrate the League of Legends community seniority. Summoner Icons have existed for as long as there have been Summoners, and they come in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Some Summoner Icons are used by the League of Legends aristocracy to brag about how long they’ve been playing; others are used by the League of Legends aristocracy to brag about how long they’ve been playing.

Here are the top ten most prestigious and unusual Summoner Icons:

Dominion Icon


Dominion mode, a remnant of the old League of Legends client, has been deactivated, and there are few signs that it ever existed. Aside from passionate League of Legends players who played the 5v5 format, few will recall this game style.

However, few do not imply any; Riot Games has left us with a Dominion memento in the form of the Dominion Icon. The dominion game mode had a weak balance and was a below-average game mode overall.

Overall, there were a few players who adored dominion. In 2016, the game mode was deactivated and deleted from the list of downloadable titles. League of Legends created a Dominion symbol to commemorate Dominion players.

This symbol was only available to Dominion players who had surpassed 100 wins. This icon is deserving of its position among the top Summoner Icons. It was also never to be repeated, making it unobtainable, making the Dominion icon one of the most valuable league icons.

Honor Icon


Honor has become something of a forgotten art in the League Community, with toxicity at an all-time peak. The honor culture of the past was abolished, along with all responsibility. Riot has conferred a special symbol upon those upright men who had numerous distinctions before the honor system overhaul.

Honor symbols are reserved for League of Legends’ old-school honorable players. It honors their ongoing contribution to the games’ success over the years. The new generation of players will not be forgotten, but this icon will not be given to everyone. Only players who played a matchmade game a year before the relaunch of the honor system are eligible.

Honorable Opponent, Teamwork, Helpful, and Friendly are four icons from the former Honor divisions. Most importantly, you should admire the people who wield this symbol, or at the very least remember what they used to be– noble.

Harrowing icon

The Harrowing Icon was created as part of a Halloween celebration in 2012 and 2013 and as a product of one of RiotGames’ several failures in getting exclusive champion skins mainstream. Following the Harrowing events of 2012 and 2013, these icons became part of the League of Legends Summoner icons.

Riot Games wanted to unleash these unusual symbols in honor of the eerie Halloween holiday. These icons were also introduced as part of the reward package for veteran players who purchased harrowing skins in 2010 and 2011.

They were refunded in Riot points equivalent to the cost of harrowing skins purchased and special Harrowing icons when they lost out. Vengeful Wrath is a special symbol granted to players who purchase 10,000 Riot points.

It stands out as the game’s most valuable and rare symbol.

Season Two Champion Icon


These limited-edition icons were unveiled as part of the Season Two Championship finals by Riot Games. Riot Games launched the Season Two World Championship Icon in an effort to increase viewership of the season two World Championship finals.

For all fans to collect this symbol, a redemption code was paraded through the live stream of the finals. Players were then given a special connection to use to unlock their summoner icons for their accounts.

During the World Finals feed, a Livestream code was also transmitted. The broadcast code was then used to redeem the player’s symbol, which was then uploaded to their account. Given the icon’s background, it will almost certainly never be available for compilation again.

Hextech Hard Candy Icon


The Hard Candy Symbol is the next icon, which is for big spenders with generous eyes. The Hard Candy Icon was created in 2014 as part of the sugar rush event and was awarded to those who gifted the specialized event skins to their families.

This is not a symbol for a stingy money-lender. The symbol is a privilege that speaks to a person’s charitable nature as the case has passed and generous individuals are scarce. From August 26, 2014, to September 2, 2014, this icon was available during the Sugar Rush case.

This case takes place in the Candy Kingdom and honors a selection of alternate future skins. Candy people are players who compete as winners in the tournament. Players had to buy retired legacy skins to get the Hextech Hard Candy button. They’d then give their chosen present to a friend or relative.

In 1-5 days, players who completed this task got the Hextech Hard Candy Icon. This icon is no longer available, and it is only available to players who participated in the 2014 Sugar Rush event.

Perfect Ascension Icon


Ascension mode, like Dominion, isn’t a regular visitor to the spinning game mode. Anyone who has played Ascension mode knows how difficult it is to destroy Xerath, ascend, and stay alive with the few healing stations available.

Imagine killing Xerath, ascending, and never dying for the next 15 to 20 minutes. It’s almost unlikely, but being the proud owner of the elusive Perfect Ascension Icon necessitates this. Let’s not even go into the infrequency of the game mode; even if it were a perpetual game mode, few would claim to be capable of a flawless ascension.

All of these considerations, taken together, speak volumes about the Ascension Icon’s rarity.

Vintage Icon


The Vintage Icon is another way to make amends to owners of rare champion skins before 2012. The Vintage Icon’s style is unremarkable; it’s a fairly uncommon yet uninteresting icon due to the lack of work put into it. On the other hand, True Icon Aristocracy understands that the importance of an icon is determined by its exclusivity rather than its presence.

It’s only available to players who had initial limited-edition skins from 2012 events until they were re-added to the latest holiday events for purchase. If players really like this symbol, they can get it by repurchasing a Limited edition skin when they’re still available on the website.

The vintage icon is not available for any of the other free ward skins in League of Legends.

Ranked Icons


Seasonal-rated icons aren’t all that uncommon on their own; they’re given away for free every season. The rarity in this icon type stems from the time period in which it was distributed. Players are given framed summoner icons in one of four colors: Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Banned players are unable to get any of the icons because they are deemed disqualified. Any ranked queue in which eligible players participate earns them an exclusive icon. All players who earn graded icons must have an Honor score of 2 or higher.

Boosting is prohibited, and any player who engages in it will be automatically disqualified. Professionals and amateurs alike will play in ranking matches to show off their abilities and knowledge of the game. There is no repetition of design since each season has a special icon design for each rank.

Consider the rarity of a season one Challenger icon; it’s really rare.

Master Beta Tester Icon


Consider a time when the visuals in League of Legends were as poor as those in Old School RuneScape, and the game was plagued with bugs. The League of Legends Beta ended there. This community of players pushed the boundaries of the game we now know and enjoy.

There was still some rivalry among these testers, so the Master Beta Tester Icon was born. The specifications for this symbol, which were provided to only the top 500 beta testers, existed well before the game was officially released.

Grand Master Beta Tester Icon


Without a question, the League of Legends’ rarest league symbol. The Grandmaster Beta Tester Icon is the Emperor of Icon Aristocracy if the Master Beta Tester Icon is the King of Icon Aristocracy.

The Grandmaster Beta Tester Icon, which is only sent to the top 100 beta testers, is as “limited edition” as it comes. Before it became famous worldwide, the first players of League of Legends were among the few who have this symbol.

This icon can’t be obtained in any way, making it the most valuable icon in the series.

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