Developers of mobile games are always looking for ways to maximize advertising revenue by creating high-quality games with monetization mechanisms. Currently, most crypto games require players to purchase virtual reality goods with real money before they can unlock advanced content. Crypto gamers and developers would benefit greatly from using cryptocurrencies instead of money. As more and more developers catch up, their digital collectibles can now be tagged.

For players to enjoy the crypto games, it is important the games are working properly and this can be achieved by reputable crypto games development and maintenance companies.

Crypto games are growing in popularity and awareness, and we thought it is time to provide a list of where to find them. We reviewed a range of Crypto games so that everyone might find a game they will enjoy. Play-to-earn games are analyzed from a gameplay perspective and from a financial advice perspective.

Check out the best 10 best Crypto Games You Should Invest in and explore in 2022


Crypto creatures known as Ethermons can be tamed, trained, and traded as part of the Ethermon game. With Ethereum, players interact with each other directly through smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, rather than through a single server, as in other crypto games.

Several new features have been added to Ethereum recently, including a town system, guild battles, and the Ring Arena, which has increased the popularity of the game.


You can collect, breed, and sell virtual cats for actual value! Dapper Labs has released another great crypto game in which you can collect, breed, and sell virtual cats.  You can experiment with outbreeding different kinds of cats to see what happens. The whole design of the game is beautiful and the furry friends are adorable.

The movie has received mixed reviews from people around the world, so it’s hard to tell if it lived up to expectations.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity might just be the best option for Pokemon fans looking to earn some cash while staying close to their favorite characters. The explorers in this game fight battles against each other in a familiar environment, which is heavily influenced by the Pokemon franchise.

The Axie you collect is all genetically different from each other. As you progress through the game, you learn different ways to combat your Axie! Best of all? Thanks to Ronin’s scalability solution, there are no transaction fees! This NFT-based technology lets you collect these creatures and grow your kingdom.

Bomb Crypto

We’re still talking about collecting awesome creatures, so we’ll talk about Crypto Bomb, another NFT-based creature collecting game heavily influenced by the classic Bomberman. Players can engage in intense PVP battles with other bombers in this game. Your goal is to collect as many coins as you can while battling against other bombers.

However, always keep a sharp eye on your energy bar since the more you play, the more energy you use. Depending on how low the energy bar gets, you will need to wait a while for it to fill up again. You can even buy an in-game house to replenish your energy more quickly with the currency.


As we continue on this list, we find ourselves in a sci-fi world filled with deadly wars. You fight battles with other space explorers in this online role-playing strategy game set in space. You can use the money you earn from these battles to enhance your weapons and safe-havens.

With MetaWars you can explore, construct troops, and fight strategic battles with other players to conquer their land. The vast galaxy allows you to expand your armies and earn more dollar Wars tokens through cooperation and exploration.


Lightning is a crypto game similar to Fortnite where you can win by head-shotting your opponents.  By interacting with other players, players in Satoshi’s Games’ online multiplayer battle royale game can earn a reward or a penalty. This is a fun game in which you can play for hours and leave with real-time cash in your pocket.

Guild of Guardians

As a Guild of Guardian, you have the ability to make a dream team of “Guardians” to raid dungeons and compete against others in guilds. Gods Unchained is yet another brilliant title from the makers of the greatest cryptogame of all time. Ubisoft is working on the game as well as developers Sandbox to ensure that the game goes a long way beyond any expectations. Ubisoft is set to release it in early 2022, and the game is expected to be a massive success.

Idle Cyber

Players will leave with something in their hands with this compelling RPG that combines a Play-to-earn mechanism. The future in idle Cyber is populated by vicious cyborgs who want to end mankind. Tokens are earned by playing the game, and they can be traded on the NFT marketplace in-game. The idle cyber project is still in its infancy, but it is only going to improve and we will see a lot of new features by the start of 2022.

Sandbox 3D

Next on this list is probably one of the best crypto games for 2021. The name Sandbox 3D already tells you that this is an enormous sandbox, where you can use your imagination to create your very own world, where you can hold parties, concerts, hangouts, and so much more. The game is like Minecraft but in an acute and visually appealing world.

With the ease-of-use UI that makes everything easy to drag and drop, you can easily buy land, build a mansion, and add swimming pools if desired. One of the best Sandbox games I’ve ever played is Sandbox 3D not only because of its crypto-themed content but also because of its amazing sandbox-style gameplay.


Splinterlands is a free-to-play card game that works well if you do not want to play competitive multiplayer games with other players or spend hours building houses and mansions in a sandbox game.

You can get your hands on some rare cards if you’re lucky enough, which are very valuable while playing this strategy card game! The game allows you to collect rare cards and then sell them for cryptocurrency to earn a major profit, all while having a blast!


In recent years, crypto-gaming has taken off like wildfire, with many awesome games which you can play while earning passive income for other purposes, some of which have grown from classic games like those from Game camp. As more and more developers jump into this niche, crypto games are slowly becoming more common. This is a golden opportunity to dominate a relatively young industry!

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