Best Fallout 4 Perks To Use To Beat The Game

Aside from its vivid post-apocalyptic universe, Fallout 4 is one of the greatest games for generating unique characters. Unlike many other games with objectively powerful builds that most players go toward, Fallout 4 allows the player to choose from various perks and specialties.

Although it is recommended that you try out different builds and play through the game multiple times to get the full experience, there are a few perks that can give your character a powerful advantage and are worth investigating for any player looking to create the ultimate post-nuclear wasteland hero.

We’ve chosen to give five extra perks that every player should acquire in their next playing of Fallout 4 to reflect the original single-player experience that the Fallout franchise was designed to be.

Locksmith and Hacker


These two benefits aren’t the most unusual, but they’ll come in useful in the long term, depending on whether or not you bring a friend along and who that partner is. If you know one of your friends will have one of these abilities, choose yours appropriately.

These two will get you access to terminals and safe boxes early in the game, which may contain essential or lucrative items. These are worth considering if you’re the kind to run about plundering and grabbing whatever you can.

Gun Nut


There are three distinct types of perks in Fallout 4 that will increase the damage of your weapons. Whether you choose melee weapons, normal firearms or energy weapons is all up to you. Gun Nut is the best choice for someone starting their quest for the first time, as each upgrade raises Small Gun and Repair competence by five.

It’s a terrific baseline perk to invest in, and it’s unquestionably a cornerstone of the game’s benefits. If you really want to shake things up, try a melee build with the Blacksmith perk or an energy build with the Science! perk.



Who said Fallout 4 couldn’t be defeated in close quarters? Due to how strong it can be when utilized appropriately, this perk will be a must-pick for any melee gamers who desire to win the game with just short-range weapons.

As long as you have a method of getting up to your opponent, Blitz allows you to narrow the space between you and your foes swiftly. You’ll get a damage increase to your melee attack in Blitz when you level up this perk, which is measured by the distance you’re closing.



Sneak is also a fantastic choice for individuals who wish to go around their foes and set up close-range moves, depending on your character build. Players begin with a 20% stealth boost, which rises by ten percent with each level of this perk.

Other skills that match nicely with Sneak include excellent agility and Stealth Boy, which are ideal for turning your hero into a quiet murderer.



Loot is one of the most vital items to keep the Sole Survivor going to survive in the wilderness. It’s critical to discover truly decent stuff and make use of all the benefits you may obtain when it comes to luck, especially at higher difficulty levels. This is why the Scrounger bonus is beneficial.

When looting desks and crates, the Sole Survivor will find additional ammunition thanks to this perk. The possibility increases with each level until it reaches 100% at rank 3. Emptying a gun at level 4 allows you to reload an extra magazine, which is much more convenient.



We consider any perk that improves your character’s capacity to live to be a plus, which is why Toughness is one of our favorites. When you initially unlocked, you gained a 10% resistance to all damage, which rises by ten percent as you level up.

Toughness is an excellent addition to any character. Still, it will be especially useful if you’ve opted to wear Light Armor and require a little additional endurance to get through your fights.

Critical Banker


This perk, which allows you to save critical hits for later use, will be your best buddy if you enjoy critical hits as much as we do. In the initial level, the player only has one critical hit saved in the “bank,” but as you continue, you unlock more critical hit slots.

When Critical Banker is completely leveled, you’ll be able to stockpile up to four critical hits and show those desolate beasts what you’re made of. We recommend acquiring the Far Harbor add-on to unlock your last fifth critical hit if you truly want to go all out with this perk.

Quick Hands


Fallout 4 is a game with a lot of action. Combat against a formidable adversary might be ended in seconds if the player isn’t attentive. This is why it’s crucial to take advantage of the surroundings while having handy perks like Quick Hands-on hand to help you out when things get particularly hairy.

Quick Hands allows the Sole Survivor to reload their weapon considerably more quickly. The Nuka World expansion is required to unlock the third rank for this perk. Reloading in V.A.T.S. costs no action points at rank 2, while the reload time is already 35 percent faster at rank 1.

Four Leaf Clover


When it comes to critical hits, you’ll need a lot of luck to boost your chances of obtaining one. With each achieved level, Four Leaf Clover boosts your critical hit probability by one luck point.

When you combine this with Critical Banker, you’ll be able to hit your killer shots and bash your foes’ heads in for a lot of damage. We strongly recommend both of these perks to increase your survivor’s deadliness because they are suitable with almost any build.

Wasteland Whisperer


This benefit may raise some eyebrows but bear with us. While your trip across the wastelands in Fallout 4 should be all about strategy and making the proper decisions, a little fun never hurts.

When you’re dealing with a bunch of adversaries you can’t seem to get through, summon one of the monsters who roam the lands with you to provide the ideal diversion while you feed on your foe. After all, who wouldn’t want a Super Mutant companion or a tame Deathclaw to accompany them?



It’s critical to keep an eye on one’s health while enduring the horrors of the wasteland. Because stimpaks aren’t as abundant at higher difficulty levels, getting the most health out of them is critical. This is why, despite its simplicity, the Medic perk is so valuable.

The perk also influences how RadAway removes much radiation damage, so it’s a two-for-one bargain. Both products restore 40 percent of lost health and erase 40 percent of radiation damage incurred at level one, which is a considerable boost.



Ghouls have some very incredible advantages. Yes, they’ve lost some of their humanity, but they also don’t appear to worry about radiation, despite the fact that it has already wreaked havoc on their bodies and brains. These benefits are now available to Sole Survivors as well.

When the Sole Survivor is exposed to radiation, the Ghoulish perk makes it heals them rather than harming them. Each successive tier increases the amount of healing done by radiation.

Action Boy


V.A.T.S., a crucial aspect of gameplay that allows the Sole Survivor to do a lot more in a short amount of time, would make Fallout 4 a very different game. When the correct perks are unlocked, V.A.T.S. has a ton of benefits, from critical hits to studying foes. One of them is Action Boy.

Because utilizing V.A.T.S. costs action points, a perk like Action Boy is almost essential for any V.A.T.S.-heavy setup. The regeneration percentage increases at each tier, reaching a maximum of 75 percent at rank 3, which is accessible in the Far Harbor DLC.

Idiot Savant


The Idiot Savant perk in Fallout 4 ensures that you don’t have to be clever to succeed. Sure, your character may be comically stupid to some extent. Still, at the end of the day, you’ll be the one to gather all the experience points and level up into the wastelands’ strongest and stupidest survivor.

You can get up to three times the XP you normally get from any action at level one. If you have an extremely low IQ, the chances of this happening are growing.



We have one view: rifles are by far the finest and most enjoyable weapon in the game. So, why would you choose anything other than Rifleman? The benefits with each level are awe-inspiring, starting at 20% at level 1 and increasing by 20% with each subsequent level.

Once you reach level 4, you also have a possibility of crippling the enemy’s bodily part you’ve struck. This perk affects all rifles, muskets, and shotguns, so if you want to execute your opponents from a distance while delivering substantial damage, this is an easy choice.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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