Best Magic The Gathering Booster Boxes To Buy This 2021

Few trading card games can match Magic The Gathering’s prominence when it comes to popularity. It’s critical to spend money on high-quality booster boxes if you want to construct a strong deck. There are many versions to consider, each with a different amount of cards.

Getting a larger pack of cards for an enlarged MTG collection is advised since it allows users to focus on more options. Not only do the mythological parts of the game benefit from having a diverse deck, but it also offers other advantages.

You’ll be able to take on greater challenges and test out more complicated tactics with the assistance of a high-end MTG booster box. Check out the booster boxes below, whether you’re an expert Magic The Gathering player or a newbie.

This is a unique selection of the greatest packs currently available on the market, each having a high chance of containing strong cards. This page offers a varied variety of boosters, ranging from general to more focused, so you may choose wisely based on your own play style and financial constraints. Take a look at some of the finest MTG booster boxes.

Commander Legends Collector Booster Box


The first booster box we’ll look at is perhaps the greatest booster box to buy because it contains an extremely uncommon card. The commander series is the first booster set created exclusively for the new Commander format of Magic the Gathering.

You’ll be on the lookout for the Jeweled Lotus (Extended Art). This card is currently selling for more than $500. This has, however, resulted in this booster box being incredibly costly, but it is definitely worth it if you draw this card out of the box because everything else you pull will be pure profit.

Not only does this set have Jeweled Lotus, but it also includes four additional valuable cards. Mana Drain (Extended Art), Vampiric Tutor (Extended Art), Jeweled Lotus, and Hullbreacher (Extended Art) are all valuable cards worth over $100-$150.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms


Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is the set to get if you want the most recent booster box. On July 23rd, 2021, it was launched.

The set is unique in that it is the first time MTG has collaborated with Dungeons and Dragons. Some cards allow you to roll 20-sided dice, as well as Class cards. Although the set’s power level is lower than some others, it still features a lot of entertaining and strong cards.

This is one we’d suggest to anyone looking for the latest product or who likes D&D. Various callbacks and references to this famous tabletop RPG will pleasantly surprise you.

Commander Legends Draft Booster Box


MTG’s Commander game mode is designed for massive multiplayer battles. The game mode may now be played as a draft thanks to the Commander Legends Draft Booster Box. This package contains 24 packs of cards that may be used in a Commander draft-style game.

Each pack contains two legends, giving the player a variety of options while constructing their draft deck. The debut of the new foil card design and the new “foil etched cards “may be the box’s centerpiece.

Aside from the legends, each 20-card pack includes at least one rare, one foil, and one ad/token card.

Set 2021 Booster Box

Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2021 Booster Box | Lazada PH

The Core 2021 set is a wonderful place to start when it comes to acquiring the latest Magic The Gathering booster packs and lands. For lovers of the famous card game, this package contains a great bundle.

It’s meant to appeal to a wide range of MTG fans by including both classic and current cards. The set includes ten booster packs totaling 190 cards. You’ll also find some useful extras, such as the spindown life meter.

Aside from a large number of strong cards, this booster pack makes no aesthetic concessions. You’ll find a variety of themed frames with both fresh work and highly sought-after reproductions. Many popular cards may be found in the Core Set.

You can learn about Planeswalkers and Teferi, among other things. The Core 2021 booster pack is highly recommended if you’re seeking a fresh introduction to this sophisticated strategy card game.

Ultimate Masters


Ultimate Masters is the runner-up booster pack on our top ten list. This set may perhaps be tied with the Commander Legends set since both introduced a slew of strong creatures from throughout the Magic the Gathering universe.

Mana Vault is the major money card in this set, and as we all know, anything that produces more mana than it costs to put into play is a great card. This card’s foil version elevates it to the status of a very valuable and sought-after collectible.

Liliana of the Veil, Cavern of Souls, Phyrexian Altar, Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre, and a few other lesser-known but nonetheless important cards are among the other notable cards.

Kaldheim Viking Set


The Viking-themed aircraft Kaldheim. Of course, it’s chilly on Kaldheim, which means the Snow mechanic has returned. There are two types of snow basic lands: basic snow lands and common snow dual lands.

There’s also the Kaldheim Collector Booster Box (check pricing), which comes with a slew of extras. Especially the Viking Showcase cards, such as the Valki / Tibalt seen below. Here you may learn all about the Kaldheim Collector Booster’s contents, including some Phyrexian language information on the Vorinclex.

Throne of Eldraine


To use with your MTG deck, the Throne of Eldraine card set introduces Grimm’s Fairytales and Arthurian legends. Eldraine is a genuine expansion set booster box, with 36 packs containing 15 Magic cards each.

The packs are created randomly since part of the CCG gathers cards to build the ultimate deck. Booster boxes are the way to go if you’re searching for one of those really rare, hard-to-find cards to put together an unstoppable deck.

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths


Check out MTG Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths if you’re searching for a big booster box. There are 36 packs totaling 540 cards included in this set. Given the price, that’s an outstanding figure. You will be able to increase the charm of the game with almost limitless fight options with the assistance of this box. One Godzilla Series monster is included in this draft booster package.

There are a total of 15 monsters that may be acquired, each of which can make a significant impact in Ikoria combat. You can count on the Godzilla Series creatures’ ability to slay some mighty behemoths.

When it comes to this booster box, luck can play a big role, just like it does with other MTG booster boxes. You may not even be able to discover a Godzilla monster or acquire a large number of rares. Given the huge amount of cards available, you can improve your odds.

Time Spiral Remastered Draft Booster Box


The next booster box on our list is Time Spiral Remastered, which is arguably the greatest booster box to buy to diversify your risk because it contains several cards worth more than $150 apiece.

Thoughtseize is the major money card you’ll be looking for in this collection. It is still precious in today’s meta as an exceptionally powerful unconditional discard card.

Ponder, Yawgmoth, Thran Physician, Chalice of the Void, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, Abrupt Decay, True-Name Nemesis, and Leyline of the Void are some other cards to look out for.

Zendikar Rising


Zendikar Rising is a return to the realm of Zendikar, which is beloved by many Magic players. Everything in Zendikar is thrilling, including lands, which are extremely important on Zendikar due to mechanisms like Landfall.

Zendikar Rising is a chock-full of treasures. To begin with, it includes magnificent full-art basic lands. There are one in each booster, for a total of 36 per booster box. Each package also includes an Expedition, a strong land with unique new artwork. Zendikar Rising offers two more alternatives in addition to the standard Draft Booster Box.

Set Boosters are brand-new boosters that hold up to four rares. They’re ideal for players that don’t care about drafting and just want to open their packs. The Zendikar Rising Set Booster Box is available on Amazon.

Finally, you can purchase the Zendikar Rising Collector Box, which includes several very cool-looking cards, a ton of foils, and a ton of rares and mythics, some of which may have different art — like the Lotus Cobra you saw above.

Gatecrash Booster Box


The Ravnica universe is the setting for the MTG expansion set Gatecrash. There are 36 packs of 15 magic cards in the booster packs. By purchasing the packs, players can obtain five different guilds, 249 black-bordered cards, and the odd premium card.

The Gatecrash set is the greatest method for players to get their hands on Ravnica’s second set of five guilds. The remaining five were included in Return to Ravnica.

Theros Beyond Death


The MTG Theros Beyond Death booster package is worth a try because of its tough mechanics and interesting travels in a heavenly realm. There are a total of 150 cards in this set, which includes a lot of packs. In the box, you’ll get one alternate-art promo card and a life counter. The Nyx basic lands include some of the most beautiful artwork in the game.

Many exciting challenges are awaiting you in Theros, so this strong booster box may make a significant addition to your deck. This booster box should not disappoint when it comes to rares, but keep in mind that cards are randomized. If you enjoy Magic The Gathering’s Greek mythology influence, this is a must-have bundle. There are a lot of interesting game elements to discover here.

War of the Spark


The War of The Spark booster package is a must-have for fans of both new “AMASS” and old “PROLIFERATE” game mechanics. There are 80 cards in this package, plus extra land cards and a life counter. At least one Planeswalker is included in each pack. MTG players who have played the Guilds of Ravnica and Ravnica Allegiance expansions will like this follow-up booster pack.

In this package, there are ten booster packets. You can get some stunning mythic rare cards, but your luck will play a role. At least three rare cards and ten common cards are anticipated to be found. The War of the Spark booster box is centered on an epic war that stretches all the way to Ravnica. It’s an ambitious card set that also focuses on presenting a cinematic tale to enhance the gameplay’s depth.

Lair of Behemoths


Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths is the booster box for you if you enjoy strange large monsters with strange creature characteristics.

Ikoria is a realm populated by enormous creatures. You have the Apex creature cycle and a slew of mutation monsters. If you enjoy huge animals, Ikoria will be a fantastic set for you. Godzilla cards are also available, although they are exclusively found in Ikoria Collector Boosters.

Ikoria also has one of the most broken mechanisms of all-time — companion, which had to be nerfed after it totally altered various formats from Standard to Legacy. You generally only need one companion per deck, so you’ll be OK – even if you only open one copy of a certain buddy.

Conspiracy Booster Box


Larger multiplayer games were introduced with the MTG Conspiracy set. The game is played in a draft-style format, with each player picking cards from newly opened packs. Unique cards in the Conspiracy boosters change the usual draft rules, such as enabling players to pick more cards or granting special powers to drafted cards.

The booster package has 36 packs, each of which contains 15 MTG cards. New Planeswalkers and the Fiora world setting are introduced in this setting. There are 210 black-bordered cards in the collection, with premium copies of each card inserted at random. Conspiracy included 65 new cards, the bulk of which are permitted to play in Legacy and Vintage formats.

Double Masters Draft Booster Box


Die-hard fans of Magic: The Gathering who wish to invest in their favorite fantasy card game might consider the Double Masters draft booster box. This is an incredible package that guarantees a greater probability of meeting rare or mythic rare cards. There are a total of 24 packs in this set, which include 360 Magic cards. Due to the usage of two foils and two box tops, they’re also more appealing.

If you want to learn more about MTG’s art and lore, this collection is a must-have. The artwork on the box topper cards is beautiful, and the foils are particularly gleaming. Everything in this bundle gives off the sense of being well-made. The booster box will be a welcome addition to the collection of fans of the popular fantasy card game. Keep in mind that most casual users will find it to be rather expensive.

Japanese War of the Spark


The Japanese War of the Spark booster package differs somewhat from the English version. Yes, cards are written in a different language, and no, they aren’t the same. However, every Japanese booster pack has a 50% chance of including a planeswalker with an alternative anime image.

Wizards enlisted the help of some of Japan’s greatest illustrators, including Yoshitaka Amano, who worked on the Final Fantasy series. For Liliana, Dreadhorde General, he crafted a masterpiece.

Dark Ascension


Werewolves, vampires, zombies, and the realm of Innistrad have been introduced in Magic: The Gathering Dark Ascension. There are 36 packs of 15 MTG cards in this booster package. It contains 158 black-bordered cards, as well as the normal random premium editions.

Along with the returning mechanics from the previous set, the set included a return of double-faced cards.

Khans of Tarkir

Khans of Tarkir Booster Box | Lazada PH

For players who enjoy drafting, Khans of Tarkir is a genuine gem. There are five three-color clans to choose from:

  • Abzan (white-black-green)
  • Sultai (black-green-blue)
  • Temur (green-blue-red)
  • Jeskai (blue-red-white)
  • Mardu (red-white-black)

Along with the iconic 5-color deck, they’re all draftable. Morph creatures provide entertainment both early and late in the game. Both at the draft and throughout the matches, there are several important decisions to be made.

In the three color combinations described above, you may expect a lot of powerful cards. Not only that but the fetch lands, which are some of the most sought-after land cards in Magic, are also included in the set!

Mystery Booster Box


Don’t know which set to choose? With Mystery Boosters, you can just select a little bit of everything!

Over 1,500 distinct Magic cards are included in this set. Some have a modern frame, while others have an older frame (yes, the ancient ones). These are cards from every era of Magic’s existence. Even on the uncommon slots, Mystery boosters may provide some compelling cards.

Modern Horizons


Isn’t it sometimes all you want to do is obtain a bunch of strong cards? Modern Horizons is a wonderful booster package for you in such a scenario. It has more strong cards than a typical booster pack.

The set was created with Modern in mind, as it is one of the most strong forms. As a result, you can anticipate a lot of cards to help you improve your decks.

Modern Horizons also has a large print run, which is a plus. That means that, while being a high-end set, it is nonetheless reasonably priced. In addition, unlike several Masters series, which only have 24 boosters, each box has 36 boosters.

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