There has never been a better moment to be a creative person. NFTs have reshaped art with the introduction of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Celebrities and the wealthy are bidding for works by leading NFT artists. Millions of dollars in funds, such as Starry Night Capital, are pooled to produce desired collections featuring the greatest NFT artists.

Let’s take a look at some of today’s most popular and best-selling NFT musicians and why you should put them on your 2022 watchlist.


Beeple is a well-known brand in the NFT industry. Since May 1, 2007, he has been creating one piece of art every day and sharing it on social networking without fail. So far, 5328 days have passed. Christie’s sold the collection named EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS for a mind-boggling $69,346,250 on March 11, 2021. It afterward became the most costly NFT ever. It might also be said that it was instrumental in bringing mainstream media attention to the digital art genre.

What makes Beeple one of the top NFT artists, despite the price tag having a lot more to do with NFT momentum than the artist himself? Let’s see what happens. To begin with, he has a sizable social media following.

That has undoubtedly aided in developing his brand in the NFT market. Second, he is an accomplished digital artist. His style and elegance have improved over the years, resulting in a prodigious body of work. His constancy and devotion, though, ensure his place on the list. And his most recent pieces are crude political cartoons that get a lot of attention.

Beeple, a graphic designer and motion artist, was born Mike Winkelmann. He has collaborated with some of the world’s most prestigious firms, including Louis Vuitton, Magic Leap, SpaceX, Apple, Samsung, and Nike. He has also worked with Imagine Dragons, Zedd, Skrillex, Marshmello, Justin Beiber, and One Direction.


XCOPY is a pioneer in the field of NFT art. Back in 2017, the unnamed artist, whose moniker was most likely inspired by a computational instruction, plummeted down the crypto rabbit hole. When relatively few people were interested in what was happening, XCOPY began experimenting with the newfangled digital art. When someone did, they assumed it was a ruse. In the early days of NFTs, XCOPY used to sell their creations to a limited number of collectors for a few hundred dollars.

XCOPY’s artworks are now worth $59,224,197.62. (12,462.926 ETH).


‘A Coin for the Ferryman’ fetched a record $6,320,199.90 in November 2021. (1,330 ETH). It shows a man with dissolving eyes and a scared expression. Because there are no coins in the illustration, we may conclude the phrase was used symbolically.

Despite the fact that we have no idea why. Surprisingly, it was just $139 three years ago. This is true of the majority of XCOPY’s works, and it is what propels their name to the top of the NFT artists list.

The London-based artist investigates death, dystopia, and indifference through warped visual cycles. The artworks, typically flashing images with a warning, have gained cult status. Snoop Dogg and Starry Night Capital are among the notable collectors of XCOPY’s one-of-a-kind editions.


FEWOCiOUS is the internet queer art movement’s face.

Victor Langlois, the artist’s true name, is 18 years old. He began his artistic career when he was just 13 years old. Victor’s colorful palette delves into surrealistic themes influenced by his experiences as an adolescent battling with gender identity.

Art provided him with a haven from his traditional family, who could not recognize his actual nature. As his art gained international acclaim, he was able to leave his home and go on a new adventure.


He is an inspiration to the gay community and all NFT artists and cryptocurrency aficionados who have yet to achieve success in the decentralized art movement. According to CryptoArt, the popular NFT artist has sold 3189 works for $27,661,098.98. (5,842.923 ETH).

The highest price paid was $2,838,640 for ‘Nice to meet you, I’m Mr. MiSUNDERSTOOD.’ It portrays a perplexed blue figure (from outer space?) on the point of sobbing in what appears to be a garden.


HACKATAO is a celebration of the union of two extremely distinct souls, natures, elements, identities, personalities, and styles.

HACKATAO’s modern artworks address a wide variety of societal topics, from the environment and humanity to cryptography, with connections to art history, symbolism, psychology, and gaming. The intricately carved pieces contrast black and white elements with bright splashes of color. Each piece of art bears the HACKATAO signature, which has become synonymous with the NFT business.


So far, the popular NFT artist team has sold 2,281 artworks worth a total of $35,319,924.85 (8,207.370 ETH). Flood, the best-selling painting, depicts a female figure covered in tattoos and submerged from head to toe. As the title suggests, it is a call to action on climate change. Starry Night purchased the magnificent work of art created by the NFT artisans.

“When we started working together, everything just fell into place wonderfully.” “It’s like you’re flying and walking two feet off the ground and going so fast when you do what you want to do and what you were born to do,” the pair said.

Mad Dog Jones

Michah Dowbak, also known as Mad Dog Jones, is a Canadian-born artist whose dynamic, adaptable, and surreal artworks are worth $18,492,259.45. (4,273.128 ETH). They generally feature vibrant cityscapes with brief music, animation, and a splash of fuchsia.

REPLICATOR, which sold for 873 ETH on April 23, 2021, is his most valuable transaction to date. At first look, it appears to be nothing more than a photocopying machine. A closer look at the 50-second film reveals that it is a metaphor for the evolution of modern technology.

The top NFT artist has sold a total of 1,596 artworks. Jones has amassed a sizable internet following due to his distinct storytelling style, and his NFT releases are eagerly anticipated.

Dmitri Cherniak

Dmitri Cherniak is the author of well-known NFT compilations. Ringers and a Slight Lack of Symmetry Can Be Excruciatingly Painful. Ringers, a collection of 1,000 generative art NFTs composed of automatically created “strings and pegs,” has come to be associated with generative art. Art Blocks features Ringers.

Dmitri was interested in cryptocurrency as early as 2014. He was also among the first to use Coinbase’s bitcoin tipping widget to assist journalists in gaining additional money for their work. This prompted him to begin taking cryptocurrency payments for his artworks. However, it was Ethereum that truly opened his eyes to the promise of blockchain technology as a worldwide distributed computing system.

He intended collectors to get an algorithm as a whole and generate a defined number of outputs at their own pace and time when he invented Ringers. He became interested in blockchain technology to offer provenance for the collections.

Dmitri’s ‘A Slight Lack of Symmetry Can Cause So Much Pain’ NFTs are among the most costly ever sold. In February 2021, he released another project on Art Blocks Playground called the Eternal Pump. It is a collection of 50 pieces of art. Automation is his primary artistic medium, according to the Canadian artist and coder residing in New York City. His work is varied, with a combination of geometric or minimalistic art and portraiture that has risen to prominence.

Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones possesses a total of 5,949 coins worth $5,355 in ETH. His works investigate how technology like augmented reality, NFC tags, video production, and animation may be utilized to catch the viewer’s attention and transform the viewing experience. His works have shifted focus in recent years, linked with his interests in cryptocurrencies, major themes, and individuals. He is, without a doubt, one of the top NFT painters working today. The artist from Scotland flawlessly combines art and technology.


Jones was captivated by the untapped potential of cryptocurrencies in 2017. That got him thinking about how modern technologies can be used in art. His best-selling painting, Genesis, which shows Batman in his style, went for a whopping 302.5 ETH. It is the outcome of cooperation with José Delbo, a comic book creator. Cubist Satoshi and The Bitcoin Angel are two of his other notable works.

Jose Delbo

José Delbo is an Argentine-born artist with 3,778.250 ETH in NFTs to his name. Even if you are not a fan of NFT, you have most likely come across his work. He has worked on a variety of comic books, including Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Supergirl, The Transformers, and NFL SuperPro.

Delbo has always been one to chase his ambitions regardless of the obstacles in his path. In 1963, he moved from Argentina to Brazil and subsequently to the United States to pursue a career as an artist. His track record speaks for itself in terms of where he has landed. Despite being a little late to the NFT party, he has created a reputation for himself as a top-selling NFT artist.

Satoshiverse, a blockchain superhero world released in conjunction with Apollo NFT Studios, is one of his most anticipated recent efforts. Many similarities exist between it and the real-world dispute in the blockchain area, such as centralization and corruption.

Tyler x Hobbs

Generative art may have existed since the 1960s. However, NFT platforms such as Art Blocks gave them a new depth. Scripts written to blockchains provide an array of results, each of which is permanent, immutable, and verifiable. Fidenza, written by Tyler Hobbs, is a prime example of this. Fidenza now has a floor price of 90 ETH, according to OpenSea.

Tyler Hobbs is an Austin, Texas-based top-selling NFT artist who creates bespoke algorithms to generate visual artwork. Computational aesthetics investigates the biases of current computer hardware and software and how they interact with the physical environment. His artworks, which find a balance between the cold, rigid structures made by computers and the organic chaos, have gained him a large following in the NFT community.

Hobbs sold 50 Golden Tokens for $7 million in October, granting buyers ownership rights to one of his artworks. The intriguing aspect is that they will not be available until December. This demonstrates his role in the generative art movement as recreated by NFTs.

Robbie Barrat

Robbie Barrat, better known as Videodrome, is most known in the NFT world for his AI-Generated Nude Portrait collection, released three years ago and quickly became popular. Barrat, however, is no longer a part of the NFT movement, citing the environmental effect of digital collectibles.

While most NFT fans surf the NFT wave, stressing its benefits, it is also critical to confront the weaknesses and take action. This is exactly what the 22-year-old has done but in a dramatic manner. His audacious decision has won him a spot on the list of the top NFT musicians. After all, what makes NFTs more valuable than their scarcity?

Barrat is a Rietveld Academieworks student who works at L’Avant Galerie Vossen.

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