Best perks to get in ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’

The perks players choose when playing Call of Duty: Warzone can have major implications in achieving that overly satisfying victory. From perks that let players disappear under the radar to seeing where enemies have been, choosing the appropriate perk that will match your playstyle will make your performance better in-game.

Here are the best perks from the current season of Call of Duty: Warzone:

Double Time

Double Time is a must equip perk for players who are not resorting for an RPG build during the late game. This perk duplicates Tactical Sprint’s duration which will allow players to get in and out of battle. This perk naturally reduces the time in between battles thus allowing the player to engage in long gunfights and senses on high alert.

Additionally, it’s ideal for tactical players too. The perk improves crouch movement speed by 30%. Pairing this perk with Tracker then snooping around buildings with an SMG in hand will feel moving like normal movement.


The Ghost perk makes players invisible to UAV’s Radar Drones and Heartbeat sensors that players usually use to scan buildings before entering them.

This perk provides multiple advantages especially in the late game where enemies usually unleash all their UAVs and killstreaks that they have gathered during the entire match. Having the ability to remain hidden provides players to implement advanced strategies such as using a teammate as bait.


Overkill is perfect for players who are not interested in pistols or RPG tactics. This perk is for those who don’t have a particular playstyle or resort to only one weapon.

The Overkill perk allows players to carry two primary weapons. However, it doesn’t allow the use of secondary weapons. Choosing this perk will allow players to snipe on rooftops or dominate the close-range game with an RPG in seconds.


Apex Legends who have resorted to Bloodhound will love this perk. The Tracker perk will let players see a footprint trail left behind by enemy players. This makes it easier to locate and will also let you see where enemies have been killed.

However, its most useful feature is preventing the enemy team from detecting the location of their teammate’s death which allows the user to kill multiples enemies at once.


In the past seasons of Call of Duty: Warzone, no one ever wanted to choose defensive perks. However, because of the current Warzone meta where everyone spams RPGs, the E.O.D. perk is now a must-have.

The E.O.D lessens the damage taken from explosives which makes RPG blasts far less lethal. This allows players to strike back against players who are always camping on rooftops.

The perk will not save players from explosives gained from killstreaks but once a player becomes comfortable with this, seeing a grenade icon in their Warzone screens will be less worrisome.


Aside from getting armor and cash, one of the most valuable items in Warzone is ammo. While ammo is scattered around the map, every gunfight you’ll engage in will drain your stock.

There’s not much you can do when your gun runs out of bullets. This is why equipping the Scavenger perk is advantageous since it lets players pick up ammo from killing enemies.


Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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