Best Sniper Rifles To Use In Fallout 4

There are a lot of times in Fallout 4, particularly with mad mutants, players would wish they could just kill them from afar. Sniper rifles are useful in this situation. However, melee weapons or assault shotguns could be the best choices if players are indoors or in close quarters.

Otherwise, here are some of the best sniper rifles in Fallout 4 that players should own. They aren’t arranged in any specific order according to their damage. We sorted this list mostly by length since certain rifles are slow over long distances. The range of the rifle’s bullets applies to how far they can go. If it passes out of control, the damage is significantly diminished. Long-range energy rifles were also included in this list.

Virgil’s Rifle


This is an energy-based rifle with a legendary sniper effect called Mutant Slayer, which does over 30% harm to super mutants. It comes with its own set of Mods, including a Gamma wave emitter and medium night vision. Players can only get this rifle by robbing Virgil or pushing him to commit suicide. It has a length of approximately 227 yards and fires at a rate of 66.

Gauss Rifle


The Gauss rifle is second on the list, and when fully charged, it does much more harm than most of the guns in this list. It employs magnetic induction to fire a projectile at a high rate. To optimize damage, players can charge their shots by holding the trigger down.

While it has a long-range, it is definitely not the best sniper rifle in this top ten list due to its lack of accuracy. However, if players have the rank 5 Rifleman perk, it deals decent harm and can also kill almost all power armor parts.

This weapon can be combined with the Ninja perk to maximize stealth critical damage, and when combined with the Rifleman perk, it becomes a lethal weapon. Many sites, like Skylanes Flight 1981 and 1665, have Gauss rifles. Teagan’s store on the Prydwen also has it.

When players reach level 25, weapon vendors will sell these guns to them. Gauss rifles are commonly carried by Railroad and Brotherhood troops in the Battle of Bunker Hill search. It has a range of 191 and 110 damage.

Hub Alien Blaster


As an emergency sidearm rifle, this is the strongest weapon. The range of this gun is unrivaled, making it the strongest long-range weapon in Fallout 4. Its best features include the quickest semi-automatic reload speed ever.

Players won’t have to think about reloading time if they use this rifle. This pistol would appeal to stealth snipers because it has a silencer capability during battle. The only drawback to this gun is that it does less harm per shot, so players will have to shoot several rounds before their opponent is knocked out.

Tinker Tom Special


Tinker Tom Special resembles a typical sniper rifle used in most games. It’s only open to Railroad members in Fallout 4, and the name has been inspired by the individual who customized the weapon.

Tinker Tom himself sells it at the Railroad Headquarters, which is the only place it’s available. If players are not in battle, this weapon has a legendary impact (Stalker’s) that gives players 100% improved VATS accuracy, but it costs more AP.

The Last Minute


Players don’t even need an RNG to have this weapon. This is the best one-hit knockout weapon in the game for the supreme sniper user. It allows players to creep up on their opponents and kill them immediately, like Far Harbor’s Shipbreaker.

With only a single show, players can injure, maim, or destroy every single one of their enemies without being heard or identified. It has a debilitating impact on the lower limbs, causing around 25% damage. When paired with other base game and ace operator perks, it turns into a deadly weapon with an unseen power capable of wreaking havoc on your opponents.

The Problem Solver


The Problem Solver is similar to the AK47, but it’s used because it has the long-range capability of a sniper rifle. It also has the legendary effect (Furious), which raises damage with each successive attack on the same mark.

However, if players wish to use this rifle, they will need to get perks such as Rifleman or Commando. It can be very deadly, as its damage increases with each successive hit, making it one of Fallout 4’s best sniper rifles. This is a one-of-a-kind weapon that can only be acquired by special means.

For the quest An Ambitious Plan, players must have enough Charisma and pass Mason’s check. For the whole conversation, players must use the right-hand dialog choices. If a player loses, they will not be given another chance unless they reload the game.

Overseer’s Guardian


This is one of the most cost-effective rifles available. Players still won’t have to pay a lot of money on the acquisition. It can hold two rounds, and the ammunition for a single shot has around three caps. Because of its large clip capacity, most players like this rifle; as a result, players can use it in the most desperate scenarios by shooting bullets at opponents to keep them from coming near. It only has one drawback: it isn’t the best weapon to use against high-level enemies in the game.

Hunting Rifle


The hunting rifle is designed to be very powerful and is actually a left-handed bolt-action rifle. It’s a good weapon to have, particularly in the early stages of the game. It’s also useful in later stages of the game, but only if players can have it customized or even get a legendary version. It’s just a standard rifle without the inclusion of modifications.

This sniper rifle can be used in a variety of locations, including College Square’s top of a kiosk, the Old North Church, Kendall Hospital, the Mass Pike Tunnel, and so on. This weapon can be used by Gunners, Raiders, and even super mutants.

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