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In the classroom, nothing beats a few minutes of fun and relaxation. Unfortunately, most teachers don’t allow video games. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your gaming fix in class. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best video games to play in the classroom without getting caught. These games are easy to hide, low on noise and graphics, and give you just enough distraction to make the class go by a bit faster. From classic 8-bit titles to more modern flash games, we’ve got something for everyone. So, if you’re a university student looking for a way to pass the time without being noticed, check out our list of the 5 best video games to play in class when bored!

Fun & Educational Video Games to Play in Class

In fact, video games can be widely used for educational purposes. Video games have become increasingly popular in classrooms as a tool for teaching and providing children and adolescents with an enjoyable outlet within the school environment. Research has shown that learners who play video games at school can enjoy a variety of advantages. To begin with, playing video games in class can help engage students and promote collaboration and critical thinking skills. For instance, playing a strategy game with classmates can help students learn to think ahead and plan out their actions. Additionally, it can help promote creativity since students must think of ways to win the game or develop new strategies.

Furthermore, teachers can use video games to introduce students to new concepts or skills in an engaging way. For example, students could play a game that teaches them about the history of a particular country or the basics of a foreign language. Another glaring advantage is improved motivation.

However, students who play video games in class are widely considered a distraction. But what if a student is having a bad day? What if they’re bored? Playing a video game in class can boost your mood, prevent you from being a distraction to other students, and make the time pass by swiftly. It’s not a white-and-black matter.

What makes a great classroom video game?

Part of the reason some teachers ban video games in college and the classroom is due to the noise level. While some games are relatively low-key, most are nothing but ear-splitting noises. So, how do you play a game that won’t make a racket? First, you’ll want to find a game low on graphical capabilities, not sound. Next, look for a game that uses a relatively straightforward control scheme. Finally, consider a game that doesn’t take up much space. With those criteria, you’re well on your way to selecting good video games to play in class that won’t get you in trouble. When in doubt, go more classic. These 8-bit classics have been around for decades, and you won’t have to worry about them getting updated to cause distress. The only drawback? You probably won’t be able to find any online leaderboards.

While video games have become increasingly advanced, most of them still rely on sound effects to deliver great fun. For example, it’s hard to enjoy Zuma or Minecraft in silent mode, making them unsuitable for playing in the classroom. Others use extreme visual effects, which could flash throughout the room, exposing you to your lecturer and other students. That doesn’t mean you play boring writing games. CustomWritings is an essay writing service that can help you select the best games. They have professionals in all fields who can review various games, protecting you from the unforeseen challenges of modern games. Their experts can advise on gaming requirements, graphics, sounds, and other issues. Moreover, they write essays and other assignments, just in case you fail to catch up with your peers. Visit their website for more details.

5 Discreet and Engaging Video Games to Play in Class When Bored

It’s the middle of a boring class, and you just want to escape to a different world. But the teacher is constantly looking around, and you don’t want to be caught playing video games in the classroom. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Ready to find out what you should be playing? Let’s dive in and explore the 5 fun video games to play in class without getting caught!


Snake is simple yet brilliant! The premise is that you control a snake, eating smaller snakes and avoiding those that can eat you. There are multiple levels with various obstacles to circumvent. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new barriers, allowing for an exciting challenge. There are “smart” snakes, timed levels, and levels that require you to collect specific points to unlock the next stage. Best of all, you can easily hide the game under your desk without making a sound. Snake is an excellent choice if you’re looking for video games to play when bored in class.


Tetris gives you a 40-piece grid, and you must create horizontal lines with matching shapes at the bottom. As you make lines, the pieces above them drop down, giving you more room to work. The catch is that various shapes appear before the line clears, making it more difficult. It has a beginner and an expert mode, allowing you to find the challenge that suits you best and making it one of the most popular video games to play while in class.


This is a deceptively simple game. The idea is simple. You have two adjacent gems and must swap them to create a 3-in-a-row pattern. It’s as easy as that, but the game becomes more challenging as you progress, with dark themes, special powers, and other challenges to keep you on your toes. Try if you’re looking for a video game to play in class that doesn’t require a lot of space or is low on graphical capabilities.

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is arguably the most popular game of all time. The game was created by an indie game developer in 2013, aiming to create a challenging game with simple controls. While it started as a frustrating challenge, it soon became an iconic and addictive game. It tasks players with flying a bird between pipes, avoiding those that are too high or too low. It’s simple, easy to understand, and challenging to master. You can find countless Flappy Bird clones, but few have become as iconic as the original, which has remained one of the best video games to play in class.


This classic is one of the first-ever video games created in Japan in the late seventies. It was an instant hit and has been ported into various formats, from arcade machines to smartphones. Players control Pac-Man, a small, yellow creature that gobbles up dots and eats fruit to stay alive in a maze. The game is simple enough, but it requires players to keep track of both the dots and the fruit, making it a challenge to master.

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