Bing is now the top desktop search engine host in China, according to the April 2023 data of StatCounter (via Neowin). This can be considered a huge milestone for Microsoft as its new rank allowed it to beat other Chine-based search engine companies, including the giant Baidu.

According to the data, there is a significant market share increase for Bing, which only received 25.87% in March but spiked to 36.14% in April. Baidu, meanwhile, went from 29.26% in March to 26.03% in April. Other search engine competitors in the chart include Sogou, Haosou, and Google.

The huge increase follows Microsoft’s effort to integrate AI into Bing and its search browser Edge. The combination of the two attracted the public’s attention and even managed to make huge tech companies consider Bing to be their default search engine. In April, reports about Samsung reportedly conducted an in-house review of the plan, but recent reports now say that the South Korean company reversed the decision and decided to keep its relationship with Google.

On the other hand, despite this success and its new alluring AI features, it is still not a full assurance that Bing will remain China’s main desktop search engine player. According to reports, Baidu and other Chinese firms are also now exploring AI, which might introduce ChatGPT-like models and bots in the future. Also, Bing remains weak in terms of its global market share in the search engine industry, which is still dominated by Google.

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