Black Desert SEA’s Hashashin Now Has Awakening and Succession

For the first time ever in Black Desert history, Pearl Abyss has announced a dual update for Succession and Awakening for the recently-added Hashashin class. Both of these will give completely different gameplay experiences for this MMORPG.

For those players who were able to reach level 56 using their Hashashin character, they are now able to unlock either Succession or Awakening if they want to make their character even more powerful.

If you choose to Awaken your Hashashin, your character will start using the Dual Glaives as his main weapon. Despite wielding this enormous weapon, an Awakened Hashashin can still wreak havoc for his enemies at lightning speed.

Awakening Hashashin / Black Desert SEA

On the other hand, if you prefer that your Hashashin undergoes Succession instead, he will continue to use his current weapon, which is the Shamshir sword. However, he will also be able to learn and use powerful magic abilities, such as the ability to disguise himself in sand storms.

To celebrate the release of this brand-new update, Black Desert SEA is offering various rewards just for logging into the game, for leveling up, and for successfully completing the Awakening or Succession process.

You will also receive rewards that will help you level up your Hashashin faster, such as Gold Bars and Secret Books of Old Moon.

Succession Hashashin / Black Desert SEA

On a related note, the Hashashin class, in general, has brought about new Adventurers globally. Statistically speaking, North America and Europe PC players have risen by 179%, while Black Desert SEA players from South America increased by 129%.

Not only that but there has also been an increase in players from Thailand, Southeast Asia, Turkey & MENA, Russia, and South Korea after the Hashashin class was introduced to the game.

For the console version of Black Desert SEA, there was an increase in new users by 330%. Overall, the global version of the MMORPG has seen an increase of 200%. That’s pretty amazing, honestly!

For more information about the new Succession / Awakening Hashashin event, you can check out the Black Desert SEA’s official website.

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