Blissey Arriving In Pokemon Unite Later This Week

This week, Pokemon Unite will receive a major update that will undoubtedly delight fans of the Nintendo game. The game was just recently released, but it already has a sizable casual and competitive fanbase. Players are about to have access to a new set of abilities when another iconic Pokemon joins the game’s growing roster.

Blissey, the newest Support Pokemon to join the fun, will be added to the game this week. The iconic Gen 2 Normal-type Pokemon has a unique combination of moves that could assist in shaking up the existing Pokemon Unite metagame by giving a new perspective to the Support class. Later this week, players will be able to acquire Blissey’s license and begin determining whether or not the new Pokemon’s playstyle is suitable for them.


On August 18, 2021, a new update with Blissey will be released. Players should be able to purchase a license for Blissey and add the new Support Pokemon to their roster after it has been downloaded and the game has been updated.

Blissey may use the Bliss Assistance Unite Move to sprint to an ally’s assistance and defend that ally from assaults. This morning, a brief gameplay clip for Blissey was released, providing a better look at the new Pokemon as well as some of its tactics. ..

Obviously, thirty seconds of gameplay isn’t enough to thoroughly evaluate or analyze the new addition to the roster’s move set. Still, it’s great to watch the game’s roster continuing to expand in new and fascinating ways.

Access to a new Support Pokemon, like any new hero in a MOBA, has the ability to change the meta game completely. Competitive players will likely take some time to assess Blissey and begin speculating about its strengths and limitations, but keep a watch on the competitive scene to get an early glimpse at how the hero is being used.

Although no other Pokemon were shown or hinted at in the presentation, gamers are still clamoring for Blastoise on social media. Based on hints and speculations, the ultimate evolution of Squirtle appears to be coming out shortly, but this is still mainly guesswork at this time.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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