Bloodborne: Every Stat Ranked From Worst To Best

Last generation’s games made it clear that players desired a challenge, and From Software’s Dark Souls delivered in spades. It was inevitable that a slew of Dark Souls clones would emerge in the gaming world, with FromSoftware following suit.

To dismiss Bloodborne as a simple Dark Souls clone would be a massive disservice to this fantastic game. After all, there’s an explanation why Bloodborne is widely regarded as one of the best PS4 exclusives available. The fighting has been fine-tuned and cranked up a notch, and the Lovecraftian style and mythology are absolutely breathtaking in every way.

Survival can come down to stats for those drawn to Bloodborne, but leveling up the wrong stat will end a Hunter’s career before it even begins.



Most people would be outraged by Endurance’s low ranking, but many arguments show Endurance can also be a waste of time.

Although getting high stamina is certainly a good thing if you don’t want to get caught in a rut during combat, the boost in stamina is so small that a player will have to spend a lot of skill points in order for this stat to make a difference.

The opportunity to fit a few more movements into a player’s moveset is the incentive for spending a lot of skill points in this stat, which doesn’t seem like much of a reward after pouring all your hard-earned skill points into it.



Bloodtinge’s applications in combat are so situational and subdued relative to the rest of the stats that it can frankly be put on the back burner regardless of whatever construct one may choose to try.

While Bloodtinge does help improve the harm of most guns and certain arms — the Chikage being the most prominent example — the truth is that most Bloodtinge attacks aren’t all that effective even after they’ve been leveled up, rendering them almost worthless in battle.

It doesn’t help that most Bloodtinge abilities need a large number of Quicksilver Bullets, which can be a real pain.



During the early stages of the game, arcane builds are shockingly weak, and it isn’t until about mid-game that players can completely use this stat. However, there’s no doubt that Arcane builds’ bloodgem-infused weapons do crazy amounts of damage. Although these weapons should surely be in an Arcane build’s arsenal, Hunter Tools should also be considered.

There is no hard limit on Hunter Tools for Arcane, unlike weapon scaling, making a 99 Arcane build feasible for players. This is the Arcane stat’s most distinct feature, elevating it over most stat builds that top out at 40 or 50. Arcane may be a daunting stat to construct at the beginning, but after a few rough hours in Bloodborne, it’s all smooth sailing… maybe unnecessarily so.



When it comes to deciding between a Strength or Skill construct in the game, series veterans have been split. Players with a Strength build can handle some truly amazing and strong arms, but most of them are admittedly sluggish to use.

Players that take their Strength construct seriously will equip some absolutely terrifying weapons, with the Whirligig Saw being a standout Strength tool that can make the entirety of Bloodborne a cakewalk.



Bloodborne prioritizes speed much more than Dark Souls, so using sluggish weapons can be a significant disadvantage in battle. Thankfully, the Skill stat comes into play at this stage.

Investing in Skill helps players to use nimbler weapons, allowing hunters with Skill builds to easily nip in and out of battle, dishing out heavy damage while avoiding casualties.

The fact that it is the only stat that raises visceral damage is another advantage of increasing the Skill stat. Given how much easier it is to counter enemies in Bloodborne than in any other Soulsborne game, mastering counter shots in order to optimize damage production is a top priority for Skill builds.



There’s no way that having more fitness isn’t easier than having more of the other stats. Higher Vitality can be the difference between success and loss in a game where players actively try to control their fitness to avoid getting themselves into trouble.

A character with a high Vitality level will take more chances in battle, wait longer before using blood vials, and usually take more hits before having to retreat. It’s easily one of the most critical stats for new players to pay attention to… unless they like dying repeatedly.

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