Latest Trailer for Bravely Default 2 Showcases New Job Classes

One reason why fans love Bravely Default so much is because of its job system. For one thing, each job class has a different outfit for each character, and players can utilize all kinds of strategies when jumping into battle.

Fans of the franchise will finally get to experience Bravely Default 2 very soon, and the upcoming title’s marketing team is going full steam ahead with its reveals. Recently, a new trailer for the game was dropped, which showcased new job classes that players will be able to choose from once the sequel is launched.

Before revealing the different jobs, the trailer also showcases the Snow Country of Rimedahl, giving fans a peek at one of the five kingdoms of Excillent. It will be in this ice-cold country that the game’s heroes will encounter bearers of the Asterisks, otherwise known as the crystals that give players these job class options.

That being said, the first character to make an appearance in the trailer is Martha Lancer, Guardian of the Dragon Cave, who is the bearer of the Dragoon Asterisk. Once players obtain this particular Asterisk from her, their characters will be able to jump higher than ever before, and then crash-land onto their enemies.

While the Dragoon class is common in Final Fantasy games, this class was known as Valkyrie in the first Bravely Default game.

Next up, we have the Swordmaster Asterisk, the holder of which is Gladys Kelly, the friar of the Rimedahl Church. This job class focuses more on counterattacks and tactical sword-wielding. The Swordmaster class isn’t new to the Bravely Default franchise, though, so long-time fans should be familiar with this one and how it works.

The Priest Asterisk is also held by another member of the Rimedahl Church, namely Helio the Inquisitor. Naturally, this class is all about protecting allies from evil and giving them support, much like how Bravely Default’s Bishop worked. Some of his abilities shown in the trailer include Regen, Reraise, and Holy Mist. Fans who tried out the Bravely Default 2 demo would have benefited greatly from having a Priest on their team, especially since the demo’s difficulty level was quite high.


The bearer of the Oracle Asterisk is the high priest of the Rimedahl Church known as Dominic. This job is best described as a “mage that delivers the word of law,” and that pretty much sums up what an Oracle does. Oracles support the party by controlling not only the elements, but even time.

Last but not least, the trailer showcases the Salve-Maker, which isn’t a new job class. Characters with this job class is capable of creating items that have different purposes and can even help in battle, such as attacking, defending, or supporting. Glenn Booth holds the Asterisk for this, who is known as the Mayor of Enderno.

In the first Bravely Default game, the Salve-Maker had an ability called Compounding, and based on the trailer, it looks like this Asterisk will still have this as its main ability.

That being said, there’s more to Bravely Default 2’s job classes than these, and the developer may even reveal more as we get closer and closer to the game’s release date.

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