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Blockchain technology has seriously changed the game for so many industries in such a short period. And even though many still consider it a novelty, its existence today has significantly improved human relationships positively, not to mention it has offered a rush of new revenue streams. Overall, blockchain technology is continuously transforming how we interact with people and the world, in general.

While this technology is undoubtedly impressive, the metaverse phenomenon is jaw-dropping, as it has successfully allowed us to integrate the real world with a new and immersive virtual world.

At this time, many are interested in owning valuable in-game assets within the metaverse. However, some still haven’t found an asset worth investing in. For instance, some pet owners want to turn their pets into NFTs or, better yet, somehow bring their real-world pets into the metaverse. A couple of years ago, you’d think this dream was impossible, but technology constantly evolves, allowing a skilled team of developers to create ClassicDoge.

With ClassicDoge, pet owners can now own the digital version of their beloved pets in the metaverse. This extraordinary project uses the limitless possibilities brought about by blockchain technology, allowing dog lovers to train, play with, and immortalize their pets in a virtual universe. Not only that, they even earn rewards by making a 3D avatar NFT version of their furry pals.


How ClassicDoge Is Different From the Others

Given the number of crypto projects currently available on the market, it’s no surprise that some projects claim to create NFT animal avatars for the metaverse. However, we’ve come to find that most of the time, these avatars are fake and typically don’t even accurately represent what your pet looks like. ClassicDoge, on the other hand, allows you to turn your actual pets into 3D avatars, which you can then bring into the metaverse.

The team working on this innovative project is seriously passionate about helping pet owners turn their beloved dogs into furever companions by bringing them into the metaverse. Even if you lose your dog in the real world, the loss of your furry friend won’t hurt as much because they’ll be immortalized in the metaverse forever.

Once you’ve scanned and uploaded your fur baby, you can integrate your pet into top-ranking metaverse gaming platforms and worlds with the help of ClassicDoge. You can train, breed, and even accessorize your now-virtual companion.

Not only can you turn your pet into an NFT, but ClassicDoge has an accessories marketplace where you can purchase wearables. And by using its proprietary NFT Generator, you can even mint brand-new NFTs of your furry friend and sell them to earn a profit.


How to Upload Your Pet Into the Metaverse

Here are the steps to bring your pet into the metaverse:

  1. Use ClassicDoge’s Furever 3D Scan app to capture the likeness of your pet.
  2. Upload the file into the Metaverse and Augmented Reality.
  3. Mint your newly-made avatar into an NFT, which you can later trade on marketplaces. Every piece of information about your beloved pet will be stored and readily available on the blockchain.
  4. Since you’re now an NFT holder, you can start participating in the ecosystem’s governance by casting votes on which new features you want to see in the platform.

ClassicDoge is undoubtedly one of the most unique up-and-coming projects right now. At this time, you can purchase the platform’s native token on Pancakeswap, but it should be available on more exchanges in the future.

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